Not junk email but regular mail

I receive emails in my junk email folder, that are not junk. Why can I not just RIGHT CLICK them, and a prompt come up saying NOT JUNK, and have them go to my INBOX? It seems I have to create a rule?

I like eM CLIENT more than OUTLOOK, but OUTLOOK has that feature.

Same here, what a PITA. Obviously I can’t Delete the Domain, it’s me sending to myself.
What’s the fix ?

See my post below from the following thread.

Normally when emails automatically go into your Junkmail folder, thats usually because of an auto detect AI Spam filter engine on your mail server end. Or you may have possibly filters or rules setup either online in your mailbox or possibly rules setup in eM Client moving inbox emails automatically.

So first check in eM Client rules via “Menu / Rules” (pc) or “Tools / Rules” (Mac). You can dblclick all the rules in there (except the Spam rule) to see what you have setup within each rule. Also along the top in rules you can select “Server Rules” in the dropdown, where depending on your type of account can also sometimes show you any server rules that you may have setup already.

Note:- For troubleshooting if there is any eM Client rule issue and you have too many rules to check, you could also eg: just “uncheck all the rules” and then Save and Close Rules and test.

Now if there is no local or server rules showing in eM Client Rules or disabling Rules in eM Client made no difference, then go online to your mailbox and check the filters / rules section there to make sure you haven’t accidentally setup something there moving inbox emails to Junk.

Failing that if you have no filters or rules setup online in your mailbox, then it will more than likely “just be your Server Mailbox AI auto detect spam engine” moving those emails directly to the junkmail folder from the Inbox when they arrive which in-turn will then show / mirror in the eM Client junkmail folder.

So the only way then is to go to your junkmail folder online and mark those emails as “Not Spam or Not Junk” which then your server mailbox will learn from then on to keep those emails in your Inbox.

Note: If those emails then keep going directly into your Junkmail folder online, you then contact your mailbox technical support for assistance as that side of thing is not eM Client related.