not closed correctly last time

I am getting this mesage most times I start up the computer and the checking takes a long time “eM Client was not closed correctly last time”

we are aware of this issue - it should be fixed in version 4 released next week.


George WIlson

I am using eM Client vs 4.0.13961.0 and still get the “not closed correctly” error every time I reboot. How do I close the email so it does not give me this message?

are you sure, that eM Client is not in tray? Can you be please more specific what did you do before opening eM Client? Was it minimized/closed to taskbar or tray or completely closed before?

I get the same problem. I’m using 4.0 build 13961, Vista 64 bit. If I just shut down the computer with eM running, I get the “not closed correctly” upon restarting. If I close the client prior to shutdown, it starts up smoothly. I have eM in my startup folder, so it’s running all the time. It would be nice if it shut itself down gracefully on a system shutdown, rather than me having to remember to do that manually.


Thanks Mike & George. It seems if I “X” out of the application and reboot, I get the error message the next time I open eM. If I do the file exit, it starts up fine after a reboot. I guess I was just not closing it down fully.

Even when I exit correctly, I get the message that it wasn’t closed correctly and it takes no less than 20 minutes to restart. Help!

we will release new version in a few weeks which should finally resolve the problem.

It hapens to me in version 5!!!

Are you able to simulate it?

This is still a problem in 5.0.18661. Any chance of fixing this in the future?


and are you closing eM Client properly (File - exit) ? This will always happen when eM Client will be close other way as it will think that it has crashed.


No. That’s the point. If I forget to shut down em, it should shut itself down gracefully prior to windows shutting down. Every other windows application does this (outlook, excel, etc.)

I have fresh information on this that it will be resolved in 6th version, it should be released mid to late autumn.

best regards

This is still not fixed in version 6. Any hope for it being fixed in the future?


I just migrated from Outlook to em Client 6.0 an em Client seems to hang whenever I do a search and when killing em client, it will take 6+ hours to do a dB check and repair and I don’t have the patience. I have tried it for days and while the features are great, the bugs are even greater. I hate Outlook, but it is reliable, so I am going back.

hi, this should be resolved in newest version, you are still experiencing this?

When you close eM Client before you turn off your computer it does or does not happen?


I don’t think outlook is more reliable then eM client, but I hope that in the future you will choose eM Client again.

Thank you for using our product anyway.


If I close eM before shutdown it all works fine upon the next restart.

As I said before, my issue is that if I forget to close eM before shutting down the PC, eM should shut itself down gracefully prior to Windows shutting down.

BTW, this thread should not be tagged as “Solved”!

Well to be honest for many users with your issue it was solved, we have released fix to this and some of them reported it as working.

But I will report this again, your issue can has different reason.