No access to the IMAP Server @ionos for one account

Since a few days I have problems accessing to my imap account of the ionos server. I have several accounts that works great but only one not. I have deleted and recreated the account within emClient but its impossible to download the emails. There are about more than 10000 EMails on the server but I will get 17 (seventeen)
Other clients as Google-Mail (Android), Outlook, Apple-Mail or webmail has no problem to access the imap account. Even emClient does.

What can I do now?
Version: 9.2.1735 (3d90379)

What errors are you seeing in MENU > Operations >

Hi, thanks for the reply. There are no errors.
I will write this message via handx because your notification mail was not received by emClient.

Not sure what that means. I am an IONOS email customer and am not encountering any issues.

Thanks for yyour comment.

I have contacted the Provider Ionos this morning and they tell me that everything works fine with my mailbox. There are no errors and the response ist perfect. When I take Outlook 2019, my Android Handy, my Apple Mail or Webmail everything works fine in a time manner.
Only the emClient doesn’t synchronise the IMAP Mailbox.
It seems that I have to choose another email program if there is no solution.

Since a few days I have problems accessing to my imap account of the ionos server. I have several accounts that works great but only one not. I have deleted and recreated the account within emClient but its impossible to download the emails. There are about more than 10000 EMails on the server but I will get 17 (seventeen)

As eM Client works fine with your other @ionos mail accounts, and removing and re-adding the account made no difference, and no obvious errors in your log, then could be possible a wrong IMAP setting with that specific mail account, or maybe the way the account is added, or might be an error in message 18 or past that on the server, so eM Client then won’t show any further past 17, or you might possibly have a local optional program installed interfering with eM Client receiving.

So first what is the IMAP server, port and security policy for the specific problem account ? We can then check your settings incase it’s not right.

Also did you setup this IMAP account manually with a username & password, or did you setup the account via the automatic email wizard with an OAuth token access in the browser ?

Next go online via your ionos webmail and see if you can read number 18 on that account and if there is anything obvious in the email that might cause eM Client to get stuck trying to sync in it. Look for any eg: weird hieroglyphs etc in the message.

Lastly programs that can sometimes interfere with mail clients receiving mail are eg: Antivirus email scanning, Firewall / Security programs & VPNs. So if you have any of those, try completely disabling those to test incase of interference.

Hi Cyberzork, thanks for your reply!

- configuration
The server ist “”, port is 993, safety is ssl/tls on port, exactly as in the other accounts which are working.

- adding manually/automatic configuration
I’d tried both ways. When I tried it manually with antother TLS configuration I will get an error. the test will fail. Not on the automatic one which is exactly the same as the other accounts. When I setup automatically it will get no errors a diagnostic and I will receive a testmail.

- mail 18
After let running a while yesterday emClient received about 177 EMails. New eMails will arrive but when I select it, it will take a while to download and view this one. Mail “18” is not clearly defined. Mail 16 is an actual one ad mail 17 was a mail dated in 2016.

- antivirus programs / firewall
I will use G-Data for internet security. I’ve de-activated G-Data to check if I will receive more mails: but it has the same result. Also it will be no problem with the other accounts I will use from ionos.


  • I have tried to set up another mail account in emClient also from *" and it doesn’t run also. It is also a mail account which was working well with other mail programs for years.
  • There was a notification from ionos that in case of problems it can be helpful to communicate with gmail accounts to add a SPF Record in the DNS configuration. In both cases set or unset it makes no difference.
  • The account was working perfect for years.

Sorry about my English but I’m not a native english speaker.

Regards Michael

Hi @all,

it works fine after de-installing G-Data. Wonder which internet security I can use.
Thanks for all replies.

Regards, Michael

New problem: After downloading I am not able to search, no search results. Is there a possibility to re-index the database? I know that there is an option in the configuration to download all (mails?) for searching but it doesn’t work.

Regards, Michael

Click the down arrow in the search box. Make sure you have selected the most inclusive folders and fields where you hope to find the result. Also, your server search may not be supported, so untick that. Then try the search again.



Thanks Gary!

Regards Michael

it works fine after de-installing G-Data.

Ah ok so was G-Data that was the problrm.

There has also been some other customers using that security program who had issues as well receiving and sending mail, and had to end up uninstalling or disabling G-Data to get eM Client to work.

Just something weird with the way G-Data works that blocks eM Client. Hopefully in the future G-Data can update their program to work with it.

Wonder which internet security I can use.

I cannot reccomend any third party security / firewall or antivirus programs you can use, but other users on this forum might reccomend some. Whatever you use generally you will need to configure it to allow eM Client to work.

I personally just run Win 10 & 11 & Mac OS Ventura with “the default built-in Firewalls and Antivirus / Malware programs” and never needed to buy or use any optional ones. Works fine for me.



Good to know for the future!

Normally you’re right! The way the Antivirus software will be working in background und doing several things you never know. And its no perfekt software. Otherwhile I will use it because I work as a professional software developer and its no good idea to give my customers perfhaps an infected version.

Regards, Michael