New iOS app doesn't sync new emails

I installed the app in my iPhone this week. I use emClient in desktop so I would prefer to BlueMail. I imported all setups using the QR from desktop. After a few hours I discovered that I don’t have notifications, but I don’t have because I don’t have new mails until I open the app.
I checked that push was on, but no way.

Finally I delete the account and create a new one. My server is gmail and I use IMAP. After this it seems to work fine along some hours, I had the new emails and received the notifications without open the app. It was last Friday April 19th. Yesterday 20th it’s not working again.

I don’t know if it’s my problem, or the Firebase server isn’t work, or what. The log shows that only sync when I open the app. and stops to sync when the main screen isn’t present.

Does anyone have this bad experience?

As you have Push Notifications turned on and the problem returned even after removing and re-adding your account in the app, then send that feedback to [email protected]

Let them know your eM Client app version and iOS version

I did last Friday.
iOS 17.5 on iPhone 15 Pro Max 1GB
Last version of eMclient in AppStore.

At this moment the issue continues. It only downloads the mails when I open the screen app.

I have the same issue. Only downloads new email messages and the badge icon with number of new messages will only appear if I open the application and I am actively using it.

So this is exactly the issue I’m having. I get a notification on my iPhone. When I go to the app, there is no number indicated, and the email has not loaded. I looked for any setting on the app, but I’m not seeing it. I have allow notifications on my phone. I kept the email app that comes with the phone and it loads the number on the app as well as the email. I’m guessing there is something more that needs to be done for this feature to work in the mobile app?

I sent an email to the mobile division and got this reply: “we are aware of it. Our developers are working on getting the eM Client to display badge icons for new messages. It should be available in our future releases.”

The badge icon shows the number right, the problem it’s the app doesn’t sync in the background. When I open it syncs, and them the badge is right. Meanwhile the app doesn’t sync there isn’t badge because there aren’t new mails in the app.
They need to solve the sync in the background as another apps do.