New feature requests, change control and testing

This has been a brilliant product with excellent design.
How this was held together and achieved, I do not know.
However, it appears to be in danger of falling apart.
Incompetence is appearing in the delivered product.
So, if we follow the cycle of built by the engineers, taken over by the bean counters and finished up with the lawyers, we are clearly moving to the bean counter stage, and the competent engineers have been sidelined or sacked or at least no longer listened to or in control,

Perhaps the company has been sold to a VC group…???

If you want to save this product from the downward spiral, put a halt to the overload of new features.
Customers, or clients, will ask for all sorts of insane changes and enhancement, many of which are mutually exclusive, as in you can not provide both features. many will have very limited benefit to very few or are actually based on general miss understanding or lack of knowledge.

So a strong talented engineering design team needs to be in control of assessing new requirements or enhancements. Change control is a term used to manage new feature requests and it seems to have lost control here perhaps.

Marketing should NOT be involved in evaluating changes, they can request or suggest but not vote… If they are in control, the product is doomed. Marketing will clearly not agree with this.

You need a properly funded and separate testing group, and could probably put some effort into automated redundancy testing. Testing means:

  1. testing the install process, then
  2. testing the function, then
  3. testing that the un install process can actually allow the client or customer or user to roll the change back if required.

To my mind, there appear to be some VERY junior people playing with this code.
How they got a job, should be looked into. The modern work place is usually under attack
by coordinated groups of incompetents, who aim to get rid of the competent and install their
relative and friends. If this is happening, strong action is required.
Hope this is not too controversial, but this is an exceptional and much needed sensible product
and I for one would really hate to see it continue to deteriorate.

Best Regards

What actually worries me is that the last real update to em Client, not counting the recent Yahoo fix that was released for both v7 and v8, was exactly 102 days ago. Now I am not saying that v7 didn’t have long periods between patches however in this case, where v8 was just recently released and obviously broken in so many ways, it really does raise a question what’s going on.

The really sad thing is that after so many years of using em Client I am actually considering alternatives because although v7 still does serve most of my needs it starts to show it’s age and some of the quirks that never got fixed are slowly getting to me :frowning:

Please em Client folks, get your act together and try to bring v8 to the level of excelence that we got used to from v7.

eM Client version 8.1 is about to be released. For those with Pro Licenses, testing versions of 8.1 have been available for months.

Considering that I am using email for serious work I am not willing to experience again what it means to “test” v8.

I am also unwilling to pay for a Pro licence until a trial can convince me that v8 is fully usable and not actually dangerous, which has proven to be the case on numerious occasions.

If you are using eM Client for business then you cannot use a Free License. It makes no difference what you are willing or unwilling to do; it is a violation of the Free License agreement.

But anyway, it is besides the point whatever license you are using. You asked for eM Client to bring version 8 up to a better level, and indicated that you had not seen any changes in 120 days.

There has been a lot of work going on with improving the application that you are not aware of. I think it is very commendable that eM Client are not willing to publicly release updated versions until they are sure it reaches a high standard.

So be patient.

It will not be long until you can manage your personal messages with the new improved version.

Please do not make assumptions.

Paying for a Pro licence in context of my message obviously means for v8.

I already own several v7 Pro licences and switching to v8 Pro would mean that I’d have to upgrade my existing licences, if for nothing else then just for accessing the “test” releases.

However, as I already explained, at this point I am unwilling to either upgrade (there I made it more clear) to v8 Pro nor spend time testing the “test” builds since I need to be doing productive work instead.

That boils down to seeing an actual stable release that would replace the abysmally bugged, and even dangerous, release of v8 which should have never initially been released in the state it was and pretty much still is.

Does not help anyone help you if you are purposely vague about the issues you are having.

Please open a new thread to discuss how the application is dangerous, and what bugs you are finding, and I am sure someone will be happy to help you.

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You know what else doesn’t help? Pointlessly replying to people while repeatedly making zero effort to actually check your claims.

Please click my profile, then go to Activity and see for yourself where and how I’ve contributed to these forums.

Add to that multiple detailed reports I’ve sent to customer support over the last year which got exactly zero response.

Bottom line is, I don’t like wasting other people’s time but I also expect others to respect mine.

But that is exactly what you have done with this thread. You made a false assumption that nothing was being done to develop eM Client, and look at all the time that has wasted.

I already looked before I commented. I don’t see any questions about issues you are having with the released version 8. Can you please list them here otherwise you are just wasting my time.

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This will be my last post here because your are slowly but surely crossing the line between just being condescending and becoming full on obnoxious.

Not to mention that for some reason you are also deliberately taking my sentences out of context.

I said:

What actually worries me is that the last real update to em Client, not counting the recent Yahoo fix that was released for both v7 and v8, was exactly 102 days ago.

How is that the same as:

You made a false assumption that nothing was being done to develop eM Client.

The em Client release page clearly lists the last stable release of 8.0.3385.0 on August 21st, not counting the patch from a couple of days ago which just addresses the Yahoo issue.

What that means is that the sad reality for people that do not have access to so called testing builds or just don’t want to become guinea pigs is that it makes 8.0.3385.0 the last stable version available to general public.

And that particular version still suffers from horrible issues, one of the most offending ones still being the infamous folder move issue which is described in detail here (move to folder).

Until em Client v8 eventually releases a stable version which doesn’t make people post terrible Twilight zone level experiences here on the forums it is consodered broken software by me.

And if they keep this up… Well… It’s not like there are no alternatives to turn to. Except long lasting supporters of good software, which em Client used to be, sometimes like to continue supporting their favorite software way beyond the point where they should be supporting it.

End transmission.

Yes, maybe that would be a better solution for you.

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Hopefully we can count on it!