Navigation option "Shortcuts"


I have been watching eM Client for a few years now.

What I am still missing is the possibility to add shortcuts in the navigation bar to organize the view into link groups and shortcuts of my choice.

Is this planned for the future?

Best regards

You can create on the Toolbar in eM Client V10 eg: custom “assigned shortcuts” using the “Quick Actions” menu as in the following thread link post example to eg: Create a Task from a message.

Hello cyberzork,

thanks for your quick reply, that’s a great tool. But unfortunately not what I meant.

I miss the shortcuts item in the left-hand navigation, like in Outlook. In my opinion, this is a great function to personalize your menu so that it is the clearest for you.

Here I have illustrated what I mean.

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Since I haven’t received a reply so far, I assume that this function is not available in eMClient.

It would be great if this function were integrated into eMClient so that we could finally break away from Outlook.