multiple reply templates with file attachments


I was using Outlook 2010 with template phrases addin, since I get many emails that ask similar questions or want similar files, I was able to just reply to the email and select a list of templates that I had already created, is this possible with eM Client?

Hi, yes sure, you can create templates and even setup a default template for new email/reply’s or forwards.
Just go to Tools > Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures.

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Hi, I’m trying to solve the similar problem - but I need to have more than only one template for reply.
For example - I need to have prepared templates for most standard questions of my customers.
If smbd will ask for a standard question, I will choose one of the prepared templates.

But, more selection from the templates is possible only for a “New Mail”. For the replay and forward I can select only default (customisabled) template.

Or, if there is any possibility, please, tell my how to do it.

Thanks a lot

Hi Václav, unfortunately it is currently not possible to create a reply from a selected template unless it is set as a default reply template for the specified account, however we’re considering adding the feature into future releases.

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However, if you’d like to use custom replies in the meantime, setup your replies as signatures, that way you can select the signature to be added to your reply based on the received query.

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OK, good idea… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

I definitely support this idea. Find it really pain in ass to copy paste template from new email instead of having an option to insert chosen template directly in reply form.

Thank you, the idea with signatures might work temporarly :slight_smile:

Hi, glad it helps, hope we’ll be able to improve this with upcoming releases.