Multiple computers one license

I am seriously considering buying eM Client, since it combines Outlook’s functionality with full Gmail sync - a combination that I’ve been looking for for ages. I don’t mind buying one license (even though there are lots of freeware email programs around), but the strict license policy that locks your license keeps me from buying one.

You defenitely should come with an offer to the many people in my situation, because paying almost $100 for using eM Client one two computers is far too overpriced.

The pricing option issue has be raised in the forum before. Unfortunately eM will need to sort that out. As for the 1 PC, 1 license that pretty much standard on any software these days. Just some vendor don’t enforce it as well as eM.

You can obtain a free license provide you are not going to use more than two e-mail account.

Most standard licenses now allow up to 3 computers, ie. Outlook, Norton etc. I am also trying eM Client and love it but this and the issue with having to kill the process to restart the client and problems with printing emails will probably keep me from purchasing.

TNCS, I have a free license, but I need more accounts to be included - and I am not willing to pay almost $ 100 for my two computers, since, as jbartee995 states, most standard licenses now allow up to 3 computers.

I can’t comment about the crashing, even though I know few do experience the problem. As I’m personally never had that problem. Even when I was beta testing before 3.5. You’ll need to send a log to eM for them to debug.

As for Anti-virus/internet security, 3-license are separate package from the normal license. You have to buy the 3-license version - and they do cost more than the single license. And mind you av/is license are only valid up to 1 year. MS Office for Home and Student are just about the only popular software I know offers 3 license, you can’t use for work nor it comes with Outlook.

could you please send us your log files? We will try to fix your issue.

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eM Client

Just a note: the website currently discounts the licences when you buy more than one. For two computers, the current price is $74.95 USD.

I would be happy if the two setups had to be exactly the same to make sure this can’t be abused. By definition I can only use one license at a time, so not sure why this can’t be done.

Which setups do you mean?

Personally, I think eM is entitled to charge what they want for whatever licencing arrangements they wish, people just don’t have to buy it.
However the best example, I think, of one licence w/ multiple computers is Adobe. At least Photoshop, you are allowed to have 3 computers, all the same user, from one licence. Of course it’s more like $700+, but still…

thank you for your support and understanding :slight_smile:

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I would like to use em client on two different computers for the same gmail account and not concurrently. If I’m only using one copy at a time or for the same email account then I would think I could use the same license. Otherwise it’s a great program.

you can use one Gmail account on two computers, I was talking about free license, not email account.

I want to use eM Client to read my gmail on two computers.

Then install eM Client on both devices, activate it and set same Gmail account on both.


So, can I install the same 2 email accounts on 2 pc’s, & activate them, without buying a “Pro” license.

yes, you can add same 2 email accounts or multiple PCs and yes, you can activate 2 Free licenses for yourself, one on first PC and second on second PC.

Please do not mistake email accounts for eM Client license, it is not same thing.


Thank You John…

I understand the difference between the license and email account. I tried using the same license for my one gmail account on two different pc’s. After a while I started getting a message on the second installation that the license was not active. I’ll give it another try. I just reinstalled em Client on my second PC & connected it to my one gmail account. I’ll reply if I experience any issues.