Multiple active languages in spell checker


I write mails in two different languages. In other mail clients I can select multiple languages in the spell checker. eM Client only allows one language at a time.

Any chance that we can have more than one language active?


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this is an interesting idea! In what clients did you encounter this functionality?

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The Bat! and Evolution.

They are the two I have been using until I found eM Client. I no longer use them as my main office environment is Windows and eM Client is the only Windows IMAP MUA that seems to work correctly for me.

MS Outlook and GMail I believe also offer language-aware spell-checkers. That’s a very nice feature to have. I agree.

Without going that smart, OpenOffice apps for example let you switch languages from the status bar, found that useful too.

Hi Mel,

It’s not so much “language aware” as just multiple languages available, i.e. I enable Spanish and English, it looks up in the Spanish dictionary, not there, then the English dictionary, not there, then mark as misspelled. Takes away the need for intelligence at the cost of more processing.

Same functionality is available in Thunderbird through an add-on.

Would love to see it implemented in eM Client too.

after careful consideration we decided to not implement this feature in eM Client. Thank you for your understanding.

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George Wilson
eM Client

Thanks for the reply George.

Any chance of reading your reasoning behind not implementing this feature? Is this permanently off the to do list or just postponed?


George, I assure you for every one person that tells you this feature is important there are hundreds who do not use your product specifically because it is lacking. I for one am migrating back to Outlook because of this very issue.

C’mon guys! Don’t you want to be competitive? Lots and lots of people compose is english + another language.


this feature is not planned in the close future as we focus on features requested by more people.


Me too - I am switching between German, Italian and English. It drives me crazy to have to switch between the spell checkers.

At least the switching between languages should be made simpler. I hate having to go through the context menu…total nightmare.

I really love the client, and have two licences, but silly stuff like that totally kills it.

Switching spellcheck is two clicks in new message window, so we feel that there are more crucial features than this.

And switching eM Client’s interface language is something user do once, there is no need to rewrite it and we do not plan that


It is right button, move mouse, hover on spell check language, move mouse to select language, and then left click, so a little more than two clicks, but not much. However when you do this every other email it does become annoying.


or you can write whole email then in new message window using one language check and repair issues with it and after under Tools - Spell check language switch to another, it should be checked instantly and repair rest.


I think all scenarios can be covered by manually selecting between languages. That isn’t the issue. The issue is that the manual selection should not be necessary as you should be able to have multiple active languages.

Again, manual selection isn’t too onerous, from the context menu or from the Tools menu the effort is similar. However, when you are continuously changing it does get annoying.

This is NOT something that stops me using emClient, but it is something that I think should be improved.


I understand you, I think this feature has sense, but because this was denied by my superiors I am unable to put this even into under consideration so I was trying to provide some workarounds at least.


Thanks for the info. So this is something that’s not going to happen then. Oh well, you can’t have everything.


thank you for your understanding.