Moving mails via keyboard only

Thunderbird and Postbox allow moving a mail via keyboard only. I.e. you type the keyboard shortcut for “move mail” or “copy mail”, type a few letters of the folder name to narrow the search among the folders and subfolders, select the folder you want among the matching folders, and hit return. If you have an archive with many nested folders, this is an essential feature I can’t live without. As far as I see, this is not yet possible with eM Client. Will this feature be available anytime soon?

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Hi Christoph, I believe you should be able to move mails with your keyboard only by using the move to folder shortcut, that you can find in Tools > Settings > General > Shortcuts, and then navigate to a folder you want to move the mail to using the first letter or arrows in the window.

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Hi Paul, thanks for the response. Yes, you can open the folder selection dialog window with a shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-V), but the keyboard navigation in that dialog has two problems: First, it only regards the first letter of the folders. I.e. if you type “foo” hoping to find the folder named “foo” (or containing the word “foo”), then it does something different: The first “f” jumps to the first folder starting with “f”, the “o” to the first folder starting with “o” and the next “o” to the next folder starting with “o”.  Second, it does not regard nested folders. I.e. it will not find the folder “foo” if it is a subfolder of some other folder. You would need to first find that folder, then hit the right arrow to open that folder, then type the first letter of the subfolder, then type arrow-down several times if there is more than one folder starting with that letter etc. maybe even several levels deep. That’s really not feasible. With Thunderbird or Postbox you can just type “foo” and it finds that folder no matter where it is in the folder tree.

Hi, yes only the first letter of the inbox can be searched for, for the rest you would have to use arrows on your keyboard.
Sorry if this is an obstacle, we’re considering improving the navigation through subfolders for future releases.

This is currently the only way how to sort out emails using keyboard only.

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