Keyboard-only workflow

One of the most important features of an email client to me is that I can do everything without touching the mouse. Many client supports some keyboard shortcuts but not for everything, some allows you to customize the shortcuts, some don’t.

Mostly they fail because you can start an operation with a keyboard shortcut, but half-way in, you need to resort to using the mouse.

This goes for eM Client too. E.g selected a mail in your inbox, now we want to move it to a folder in the same account. Hit Ctrl-M (nice, move has a keyboard shortcut!), now start typing the name of the folder, (again, nice, all folders from all accounts are filtered!) And if there was a unique folder name I could probably just type until I only got one in the list, and press enter, and Presto! Look, no hands!

But if I have folders with the same name in multiple accounts (“Later”, or “Done”, say), then I can’t select one of them since I can’t tab into the folder selector, just to the various fields around it. Sooo close, but no cigar…

If you missed my point…

  • I wan’t to be able to do all operations with keys only, and the whole operation to the end, no dialogues etc. and don’t get me wrong here, I actually think eM Client is close!
  • As a specific example, if you have multiple folders to select from in the Move to folder dialogue, I want to tab and navigate to the one I want.

(I can see that this has greatly improved since 2014, Moving mails via keyboard only, it’s just a tiny bit away from perfect now :wink:

After you have typed in part of the folder name, you use Tab to move to the list where you can use the up and down arrows to navigate between the displayed results.

That’s what I thought, but I can’t tab into the folder tree,I have to use the mouse to select the folder. Maybe it’s just for me? (Windows 10)