Move to folder - Quickstep

Is there a way to have “Move to folder XY” buttons in the toolbar? (Known as “QuickSteps” in Outlook)



No, and unfortunately these are not planned in close future.


This is a huge UX differentiator. Ability to have a list of predefined folders and/or a list of last 10 folders makes life so easy

I agree. In Postbox there is the “Quick move” option. If you press the v-key you can start typing the name of the folder you want to move to and quickly lookup the destination.

This idea has been asked now quite often lately, so I suppose it will be on the list of future extensions to eM Client.

That would be great! With that feature and, somewhat similar feature, the same mechanism to jump to a folder (shortcut key G in Postbox) it would mean instant buy for at least 3 licenses here :slight_smile:

You can create or (if it exists already) “bump” (add +1) to related “Idea request” topic. We could consider implementing this feature if it will has support from other users too.


EDIT: here is link to idea request topic…

Is implementantion of this feature still relevant? 

I started using eM Client today and willing to buy Pro license, but this is a huge caveat for me. I’m running workflow based on moving processed mails to my custom Archive folder, but in eM Client, this involves too many steps… 

Not mentioning that when clicking Move to folder, pre-selected folder is always the last one used – account independent, so I accidentaly move my mails across multiple accounts :frowning: at least fixing this behaviour would make moving mails more usable.

Agreed, just trying out emClient and the inability to set this as a keyboard shortcut is curious. They have move to folder, move to preselected folder is only a few hours of a developers time away. Simple feature, high usability value for shortcut users, low opportunity cost, maybe soon?

this feature is still among considered ones, other features just had more priority.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


I’ve started too and thinking to buy pro but the missing of this feature make me to use thunderbird. Why don’t you develop a think like Nostagly for thunderbird?

This would be a huge benefit to add to em Client. 

Hope you change your mind

I’m constantly moving emails and this feature would make eM Client our top Recomended windows client to our user base of 20k users!

Hallo, will you develop in 2017? I need em but I need a quick move like “nostalgy” much more.
Thanks in advance

hi, any answer? 
Thanks in advance

We are still holding back from recommending this client to our 20K users because this one feature is still missing.

Thanks for the link but this suggestion from February 2013 is now saying “ARCHIVED AND CLOSED”  :-(

Yeah. I’ve moved from Outlook (for 15 years) to eM Client (last 6 months) and this is the ONLY thing I miss from Outlook.

Just for clarification, in Outlook this button shows in the toolbar:

When looking at an email, clicking the button shows a list of the last 10 or so folders you moved a message to.  Just select the folder and BOOM the email is moved - takes about half a second.  Compare that to what you need to do in eM Client now.  Want to move it to another folder in Outlook that is not on the latest folder list?  Just select that option at the bottom of the list and you are shown a full folder list, then you can select by typing the first few letters of the folder name - similar to eM Client’s current “Move to folder” feature.

Keeping email organised in folders is very important for me - and it’s not easy in eM Client at the moment.

+1 for us