move mail to archive in office 365

Is there any quick way to move a mail do archive folder like for Gmail?

I can add “move to” to the toolbar and select archive folder but it is too much clicking for each mail.

The GMail implementation in eM Client provides the archive right-click option for messages, which moves the message to an online archive folder. I don’t know if any of the others do, and it certainly is not there in a vanilla IMAP setup.

eM Client does provide an Automatic Archive feature, which will move messages of a specified age to a local archive. This is a slightly different concept of archiving to what Google uses, but it is not uncommon with other mail clients.

Yes indeed. I’m rather looking for a button (+ key shortcut)  which will copy a message from inbox (or current folder) to archive. Thanks to that I’d have something like gmail. 

The shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + A. With my provider, even though the right-click option is not there, the keyboard shortcut moves the message to an online Archive folder which is listed among the IMAP folders.

Yes - it works for Gmail but not for other accounts :frowning:

Sorry about that. I use it on GMX, so there might be a few others that it works with. I guess it has something to do with what the server supports.

Is your Office 365 account setup as IMAP or Exchange?