Move eM Client from an old to a new computer

Where can I find a step by step guide on how to transfer the program eM CLient from computer A to computer B including addresses, e-mails and calendar items.

The best way to ensure all your data and settings are brought over is through Backup and Restore.

On computer A:

  • Create a backup using Menu > File > Backup.
  • Deactivate your license if you are no longer going to use eM Client on this device in Menu > Help > License.
  • Find the .ZIP backup file and move it to computer B (default in …\Documents\eM Client).

On computer B:

  • Install eM Client (
  • Skip initial setup.
  • Restore from your backup through Menu > File > Restore. If you put the backup file in this device in the same folder structure as the default (…\Documents\eM Client) the restore will find it right away, otherwise, you’ll need to specify the path where the backup file can be found.
  • Activate your license in Menu > Help > License. If you have lost your license activation key, you can have it resent to you from this page.

Thanks Gary, I am going to do it this way.

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Hi Gary,
And if I want to use it on both old and new computer? at least for some time…
I am using V8 with a free license

Hi there. eM Client does not show the backup-zip file when I search for it. But it is there, I see it when I use the file explorer

The window that opens won’t show the file. It is for selecting the folder.

Just go to the folder where you saved the backup zip file, and click on Select Folder.

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Thank you, Gary. That worked.

Gary, I deactivated my license on my old laptop. Do I now need to activate it on my new one or is this done automatically by loading the back-up?

Hi Gary. I’m hoping you can help me with my numerous problems. I got a new computer and asked the emclient info on how best to do it. Was told to deactivate my license on old one and and then activate on new one. I followed their steps:
menu/ help/license/deactivate. Then when I went into the new one it didn’t find the program and only option is to get new one but I can’t cause it says I already have one. Right now on my old one I can receive email but can’t send. Just goes into outbox. I love emclient but am about to give up. When I go back into the old one to try to reactivate it, the only option is deactivate. Can anyone help. I am BTW no tech savvy.