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Ok, fair enough. A misunderstanding, then. Thanks for trying to help.

I searched the EM Client website for the mention of the word ‘mobile’, and found this thread.

I was using the EM Client (version 7) for about a year. I am a business owner and what I found appealing was that I was getting a full control over my email correspondence, backups, and my contacts, which could be exported as formats that are compatible with other platforms.

When I bought a new Windows 10 computer, with the MS Email app pre-installed, I gave it a try, and never found time to switch my EM Client license to the new machine.
Now I’m considering to buy a license for EM Client version 8, which looks VERY nice.
The absence of mobile integration is the one and only deciding factor for me. It’s a deal breaker, I’m sorry.

Of course we need a mobile app. It’s a total no-brainer.
I’m amazed that in this day and age anyone would seriously reply to RickM’s inquiry, by questioning why he needs a mobile app in the first place (with or without the condescending remarks).

Third party email clients for mobile platforms do exist, indeed - and I use the paid version of the Nine email client on Android (after painful and long search). Later, I discovered that the mobile version of MS Outlook also works surprisingly well. So now I use both, since the mobile Outlook integrates very well with the MS ToDo app. And BOTH of them can run on desktop as well.
So, there is a seamless integration between my notes/tasks and the flagged emails, whether I’m on desktop or on a mobile device.
It seems that in order to integrate EM Client into this would require extra work on my part, or keeping 2 parallel systems … I got no time for that.

Suggesting that ‘any’ third-party mobile app would ‘do the job’ - implies that the more advanced features of the EM Client, like tagging, notes, etc (which will NOT be carried into a third-party mobile app), are just the ‘little extras’ - also implies that the users who make such suggestions are using EM Client to just receive/send emails.
The power users and/or business users do need the more advanced features handy, on both desktop AND mobile.

I hope the EM Client developers are also reading this.
As one business owner to another, I would consider the mobile integration as the ultimate top priority, and that the very survival of EM Client, as a business - depends on this.
Of course, it has to WORK well. And I know that this is easier said than done.

At any rate, I would like to see the EM Client spread its wings and thrive, as it has a solid foundation.
I for one, would not think twice to step out from the dependency on the MS products. Provided, of course - that I could ACTUALLY use it - as a business tool.

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Hello Zaq,
eM Client mobile application is under development, I just can’t give you any ETA yet.


Hello, Michal. Any news on this front?


Same question. Should would be great to have a mobile version.

Any ETA for the mobile app?
Eagerly waiting for it.

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Any ETA on development of the mobile app?

I really enjoy the free version & I’ll be upgrading soon to the Pro version. Although I may rethink this if the mobile app isn’t up & running.

Why necessarily eM Client on Android/iOS? There are already some good mail clients there, such as AquaMail (Android) and Preside (iOS). It would be a lot of work to bring eMC up to their level. IMHO, this work would be better done on the desktop versions. It’s not like there isn’t work to be done there. Especially since eMClient won’t be able to bring that much of a difference compared to the already existing mail clients.

It’s one of the advantages of (more or less) open standards: you can use the SW that suits you best on each platform. For me, these are MailMate (macOS, IMAP and Exchange via DavMail), eM Client (macOS, Exchange), AquaMail (Android) and, if I were still using iOS, Preside. All purchased.


Thanks MBrasch for the response.

What would you recommend then for Android. I’m willing to pay for an app on my cell because it’s important to me.

The iOS phone Mail app works great with pretty much any type of account and for Android obviously if you have Gmail use their app and Microsoft accts use Outlook app. For other Android use I also like Blue mail or Aquamail.

But would rather ultimately use eM Client app when developed for Android and iOS.

I think, for Android and iOS is the best app Nine by 9Folders. Expecialy for EAS accounts. It synchronizes mail (supports push), calendar, contacts. IMAP works fine.

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My preferred Android app for email is FairEmail, open source and packed with features. My calendar app is aCalendar+ (for synchronised CalDAV calendars across devices, using DAVx5). No advertisement here, the ratings in Google Play are sufficient.

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I think, mobile client should support Exchange ActiveSync protocol. FairEmail lacks it. Nine supports it. There is realy good client Samsung Email for Samsung mobile owners, which supports EAS too.

@Michal_Burger, can you confirm if an Android/iOS version is still in development? I just want to make sure the project wasn’t scrapped while I’m still holding out hope for it. :smiley:

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Yes I also hope the eM Client Mob app is still going to be developed and will put my hand-up to Beta test that if it’s still in the pipeline :smiley:

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Yeah, I can confirm that, it is closer than ever. It is now our highest priority. We’ll come up with a preview/alpha/beta in couple of weeks, so stay tuned :-).


When do ypu expect a client for the android platform?


Is the approximate date of publication of the mobile version of eM Client already known? Our company with 20 licenses is looking forward to got it available. We consider it as a kind of milestone in the use of eM Client.

@Michal_Burger, I just want to let you know that if you’re close to a preview/alpha/beta and need/want someone to test it out that I am happy to throw my hat in the ring. I promise I’m not trying to hound you or harp on this. I’m just really excited for the mobile app. :smiley:

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I would love to try out the mobile app soon as well. I recently started using Spark mail, which is really good so far on mobile, but was bummed to hear that their windows version isn’t released yet. Another thing that they’re missing are labels, which are crucial to sorting emails effectively to not get them lost in the shuffle.