Microsoft account (Exchange, Hotmail, Outlook, Live etc.) password requests

Since upgrading to 9.2.2157 (5b49542) I get a password prompt for, and, but can’t connect these accounts.
Before the upgrade everything worked perfectly.
The mail accounts are set up as EWS (server:
How can I receive my e-mails again?
Thank you in advance.

You can no longer use username/passwords to connect to Microsoft hosted accounts.

See: Microsoft disables Basic authentication for all accounts | eM Client

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Anyone else today suffering a Hotmail password request which is then not accepted and requested again (despite being correct). Google search suggests others are experiencing similar. No problem with sign in.

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Yes, I am having this problem as of today.

Yes, as I said you can no longer use passwords with Microsoft hosted accounts. Please see the link I gave above which has instructions on setting up the account correctly. It will use oAuth instead of username/password logins.

I have the same problem with latest emClient for the past 2-3 days.

But I can login on with browser with user name and password without any problems.

Gary, that article is dated 2022. Is that causing the problem that we suddenly can’t log in TODAY? eM Client was working fine with Hotmail yesterday.

If you are using a username and password to login to the Microsoft account, that will no longer work. Please follow the instructions in the link I gave above.

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That is not using the IMAP login. Logging into their web interface is something completely different. There you need to use the username and password. But for applications, they no longer accept that type of login. Please follow the instructions in the link I gave above.

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I have multiple accounts on, and
When I set up app passwords, it only works for 3 accounts.
Is there a limit to how many app passwords you can set up (on em client, PC, etc.)??

Hi there
I’ve got a prob with client - it keeps asking or a password - I put it in but get a whirling request action then it asks for password again and I get a red triangle on my mail address. I need it for work and have not had any mails since Monday. Help! I’m just not techy
Can someone advise pls?

You can no longer use passwords. Please see the instructions in the link I provided above.

Good day, I have 5 outlook accounts and same thing since yesterday, every few seconds fails authentication, but the app passwords are correct,

I changed the master password on outlook online for one account to test and had to update the app password and then tried again and it connected intermittently.

All other non-outlook accounts on emcliet connect successfully including gmail and company email server.

Now all is stable again. Very strange

I will come back if this re-occurs but must be an outlook server problem

And what about this link:

…You only need to create an app password if you have two-step verification turned on and are using an app that doesn’t support it…

I have two-step - and an app, that doesn’t support it (eM Client)…

I have two MS Exchange email accounts that just today stopped accepting my password thru eM. I created a new app password for both, but no luck on either. I see reference to oAuth, and am wondering if this might be cause. Suggestions?

You can no longer use username/password logins for Microsoft accounts. Please see my comments above.

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Sorry - And why does Microsoft recommend actually to use app passwords for Apps they doesn’t support two-step authentication - Because Microsoft doesen’t support this?
See: Sign in to your Microsoft account
Actually there is to read:
“You only need to create an app password if you have two-step verification turned on and are using an app that doesn’t support it.”

I have eM Client, which ist not supporting two-step authentication - So, I’ve tried to use app password; but it’s only working for 3 Microsoft mailaccounts, but not for all of mine. Is the limitation in eM Client or on Microsoft? 5 gmail Accounts, with two-step and app password, work very fine, mut in tne same eM Client I only can use 3 Microsoft mailaccounts.

I^m trying to find a solution! Also, please checkt this in your Lab!

I don’t want to set up 10 new Microsoft Mail accounts and lose older emails
Or provide us a migration tool, which switches existing accounts to somewhat what works.

Win 10 Mail works, iOS Mail Works, Outlook on iOS works, I’ve even tried Thunderbirds - Works (except S/Mime for the different accounts). All seems to provide a solution, but eM Client…

Microsoft no longer supports using username/passwords for login. You will need to follow the instructions given in the link I provided in my original comment.