Microsoft Account Error

When I open eM Client, I’m met with this:

However, I can get into Outlook via my browser and it’s fine, there are no problems there. Why is eM Client telling me there is a problem. I haven’t touched or modified anything on the program and it was working just fine yesterday.

What has gone wrong and how do I fix it?

I am having exactly the same problem - started just now, no similar previous problems.

Good to know it’s not just me then. Very frustrating.

I’m having the same problem with my Hotmail account but not having a problem getting emails though iPhone or via Hotmail/outlook website?? Must be something specific to eM Client.

Same problem here, started today.

That’s the odd thing, I can open Outlook and it works, so why does eM Client think it doesn’t!?

Me too!! Only EM Client seems affected

Same promlem - other email clients are working fine with outlook (Mailspring, Mailbird) - so this seems to be a problem with eM software.

this problem is causing for Outlook accounts. readded as Exchange account fixed it for me. i had another ms account (hotmail) which is exchange too, has no problem.

I have a Double authentification as for my part…  Em Client was the only Mail Client able to connect me with a confirmation and 2nd Authentification to work…  the Exchange thing haven’t worked for me…  hope they update us about it soon

same problem as of this morning.  loading outlook mail via browser works fine.  the account is a hotmail account.

I am having the same problem !

I have the exact same problem from 3 of my 12 accounts on EM client.

How do we get the solution to this problem - do they send us an E Mail or what ?

We are working to resolve the situation, an update will be posted shortly.

Currently there are two workarounds:

  1. Setup the account again through Tools -> Account -> Add account and choose “Mail > Exchange” as type.
  2. Download the pre-release update from

Thank you,

I’ll see what happens.

Pre-release worked

Authentication failed with the Exchange one, so I’ll see how the pre-release thing goes.

Thank you - problem solved!

Ok, the pre-release update worked. I suggest everyone else does likewise. You’ll have a lot of emails generated by this thread to clear now!

Thank you Filip!