Microsoft Account Error

Will I lose all my emails if I opt for the pre-release update? 

Also if I chose this will there still be a further update to download once fix is found?

seems to have worked

No, you won’t lose emails. The updated version will require you to login again to the account, but otherwise there should be no difference in functionality.

The problem is with application registation in the Microsoft infrastructure. We are working with Microsoft support to see if the issue can be resolved without a need for update.

In any case the updated version will continue to work and be updatable to any newer version we release in future.

I downloaded the patch using the link in this topic. It worked just fine.  Close eM Client first. Download the patch in this topic. Depending on your browser you can install it right away or visit your Download Folder. Double click it to install. You’ll be all set and all your calendar, contacts and emails will be intact.…

As I see it the log-in code to our Microsoft accounts had to be updated so our passwords would work to connect to Microsoft email servers. In my case, I have used for 20 years. Other Microsoft accounts would be:, .


Thank you! Downloaded the patch and all is working once again! Will wait for any further updates and download accordingly. Thanks again for the quick action on this situation!

A Mac OSX solution will be appreciated.

Edit : found the patch which fixed it.

We update both version simultaneously, but my initial post in the thread didn’t include the link.

Here’s the link for the official post with downloads for both Windows and Mac:

ran smoothly on everything up until the issue with outlook/hotmail this morning. i updated to the preview version which corrected that… then immediately started having issues with gmail. it hasnt worked right since, and i cannot get it working at all now. it downloads the email, but on opening it up, it says it will download the next time i connect online… while its actually online and downloading. 

makes no sense.

can you please create and send us IMAP logs so we can analyze this issue?

Go to Menu>Tools>Settings>Advanced.
Enabled IMAP logging for the affected gmail account.
Restart eM Client.
Replicate the issues - try to refresh or resynchronize the folders, open specific messages.
Mark down the subjects of the messages which fail to load.
Restart eM Client again.

Send us the subject names and the created IMAP logs for analysis.
Location of the .log files is set in the Advanced settings.

Send these to [email protected] please.

Thank you for your cooperation.