Make unread emails more visible

Simple to do I guess. Ways to make unread emails more visible.
I would like the whole segment of the unread email highlighted (the same as when you click on a particular email it gets highlighted to stand out). Options to change the colour for unread emails would be good.

Ways to make unread emails more visible.

You can see all the unread messages directly in the “Favourites” folder at the top left of eM Client. Go to “Menu / Settings / General” and click the box "Show Favourites. Then Save and close at the top left. You will then see Unread folder appear.

The unread messages are normally all highlighted and easy to distinguish (in bold) using the default lighter themes in eM Client.

However as you don’t see the unread messages very well, then suggest to try changing the Theme to a different one by going to "Menu / Settings / Appearance / Themes. There is a lot of different eM Client supplied themes there.

Also there is user created themes which can also make the unread messages stand out more.

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Yeah I already did that. I just wanted the unread emails to stand out more. Similar to when you click on an email it makes it a darker shade.
I have changed my theme to Blue Light, the only theme that makes unread stand out more. The lighter themes make it worse.
Here’s hoping the EM team sort it out as an option. Easy programming right?