Make a feature to easily format quoted text in an e-mail

It might be an idea that eM Client will add a button to the toolbar in the e-mail window which is called [format as quoted text] or something like that.

An end user should be able to set some font properties of quoted text, like ‘bold’ or ‘italic’ and the color in the settings.

You can then select some text in an e-mail, press this button, and it will be formatted as you want (to show that it is quoted text).

For more info, see this thread:…


Hi, I am putting this idea to “Under consideration” if enough people will upvote it we will consider it’s implementation.


3 years ago, and no feedback at all…
Any news on this, would love to see that.
Maybe there’s an alternative way to edit marked text as quote?

Even this comment form here has a quote function … 

Lol…yeah…it seems so damn obvious you would need it, that you wouldn’t even want to ask for it, really.

After testing eM Client today was really impressed, except one important feature which stops from purchasing. I answer a lot of support e-mails and a feature to quickly quote selected text and write answers below it is a must. Quoted text is usually made smaller and grey. In emClient it must be done manually, which makes performance poor.
Cant’b believe this feature wasn’t implemented in a such long history of this software.

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Quoted text can appear differently in every application but all it really is, is a line prefixed by > or some kind of

tag in html.

Sorry, don’t understand. In emClient I can’t see possibility to add _blockquote _tag to a selected text. A text is marked as Quote only when I click Reply. But copy pasting text from a quote to a message text (to write an answer below it) leads to loosing this quote tag.
Idea here is not to explicitly provide special formatting for quotes, but maybe allow to save text format and quickly apply it to a selected text. At least, in Gmail I have a shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-9) to mark selected text as a quote.
eM Client has message templates, why not to have format templates? Like improved format painter, for example.

One feature I miss a lot that I had in the now-unusable Eudora email program: A dedicated keystroke that would insert text from the clipboard as a quote. It would appear indented and with a vertical bar in the margin. Or you could tell Eudora instead to wrap the text at a specific number of characters and insert right-facing angle brackets to the left of each quoted line.

The way the quoted text was formatted never caused a problem that I know of.

As I recall, that kind of keyboard shortcut feature is also available in Outlook.

For now my workaround in eM Client is to reply to a message and then remove the parts of the quoted text I don’t want to include. This can be a bit tricky because sometimes there’s a stray vertical bar remaining in the left margin that I cannot figure out how to delete. A “paste as quoted text” keystroke would be way better. It’s a shame that eM Client does not have such a feature. It can be extremely useful and a great time-saver.

Sorry Eugene, I misread your post. Yes, I agree with both you and Mike and added my vote to this thread.

That feature is also available in Thunderbird to paste any text as a quote (Ctrl + Shift + O).

Great, Gary, thank you! Yes, all (almost) other clients have this feature. But the main thing is that eM Client seems to be better than competitors in all other fields (like design, conversation view, searching, quick answers, etc.).
For example, in Mailbird there is inline quote feature, when you insert a quote, hit enter and program automatically changes font for writing a comment on that quote. But I don’t like it, because instead of changing quote formatting, it changes formatting of my message text, which leads to 3 different text format styles in a message (main text, quote, quote comment).

Dear developers, hope these comments will help to implement this feature faster. Underlining: we’d like to get “Paste as quote” function using predefined formatting style.

I’m almost tempted to resurrect an old Perl scripting experiment in which I’d run a script that operates on text in the clipboard, wrapping the lines to some specified width (breaking them correctly at spaces or hyphens) and inserting angle-bracket characters at the start of each line. The result was a Eudora-like “quotation.” Wonder where I parked that script. Wonder if I have enough brain cells left to remember how to write code in the first place. That be an impossible dream. :slight_smile: Might be better to do it as a macro in my text editor.

Any of the usual approaches to this would be fine, just please do something!  Paste as Quote, a button to turn text into a quote, anything.

Ironically, this posting form has a format as quote button…



I even tried editing the source but it wasn’t reliable (not to mention a pain in the butt).


Actually, it looks like you can hack it from the Edit Source if you’re willing to…not exactly user friendly, but if you do this you’ll get a quote:

> hi there


Apologies for the revival, but I didn’t want to start a new thread when there was one already talking about this.

Is any quotes feature in the works? I really like eM Client thus far, but the lack of quotes really hurts.

I’m still interested in this feature!

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I also would highly appreciate this feature!!

I’ll add another vote for this feature. In the meantime, the following steps will give you a block quote that will be correctly interpreted by any email client that reads HTML which, at this point, should be all of them!

  1. Type or paste at least a portion of the text you want quoted in the body of the email. This will be used as a reference for the next step.
  2. Right-click on the body of the message and select “edit source”.
  3. Find the text you want quoted in the source and put, minus the asterisk, <*blockquote> before the first word of the text and </*blockquote> after the last word of the text.

That it! Different email clients may have their own way of formatting the text (bar line at the left, different color background behind the text) but they will all recognize it as a block quote. Please note, you need to remove the asterisk (*) from each HTML tag. I couldn’t think of a way to quote the HTML in this forum without actually creating a block quote!

This is a feature that really should already be here by now. A button in the menu bar that inserts the block quote HTML tags should be very simple to implement. Can’t imagine why it hasn’t already been done. It’s pretty much a standard feature in all email clients and text editors by now.

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It is INSANE that in 2022, EIGHT WHOLE YEARS after a request was made, there is still no “Paste as Quote” option

Even more insane is that I can do this in this forum page:

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