Make a feature to easily format quoted text in an e-mail

I’m sorry but I seem to be missing something. I paste block quotes all the time with just an extra click. Paste produces this screen and I select the quote symbol. Then whatever email program the recipient has, will interpret the block quote as they are setup. Are you talking about something else? If so what? Here’s what I get when I paste text.


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OK, so it IS there - dumb that it is not alongside Paste and Paste As Text. It adds an unnecessary extra step, and there should be consistency - internally and with other applications - and I have never seen paste-as-quote done this way before

When I search for “quote” in the help nothing comes up and when I search the community forum for quote the first relevant listing is this thread - so it isn’t like this behaviour is obvious

You can add the “Paste” icon on the Toolbar as @steveshank example above via the “Customize” option (at the end of the toolbar).

Ps I don’t personally don’t think this 2 step option (Paste as Quote) is a problem as like similar to when you “Paste and Image” in eM Client, if you eg: want to resize and image after pasting, you first paste the image and then click the image to give you all the size (Small / Medium or Large) options.

What about situations when there user A sends message,
user B replies,
user A replies,
user B replies again
and so on.
This is mess.

Apple Mail on macOS
Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Example 2:
eM client on Windows

Very disappointed/baffled to see there is no quoting ability in eM Client, as I trial it.

Having to use paste as quote is not great, because what if you aren’t pasting something? You have to type it, copy it, paste it, then change the pasting type.

And some people use quote formatting to just make text stand out. Clicking “quote” is a standard way to do this.

I personally find the paste as quote feature workaround does not work anyway - it just pastes the text as normal.

What’s more, apparently quotes don’t show in conversation view as well. You get 3 dots you have to click to expand a quote. - Block Quotes hidden - Mail - eM Client

This is a really strange design choice, and will undoubtedly cause readers of e-mails to miss things. Because why would I the receiver of an e-mail expect to have to expand something to see the content?

Further, why would I the sender of en e-mail expect the receiver not to see all the content I send easily?


This is a ‘feature’ that has been severly lacking in the app

I was just looking for this feature, and doesn’t appear to be implemented yet.
It would be super helpful

Yeah, I see the contextual menu option for Paste as Quote on the Windows version of eM Client, but for the life of me, I cannot find that same option anywhere on the Mac version. Am I missing something?