Mail disappears from Unread Inbox

I saw other posts with similar titles but the description doesn’t sound the same, so here goes:

Since the last update, mail that is Read is being removed from the Unread folder. I know that doesn’t sound like a problem, but stay with me here.

When the client opens and launches into a Send/Receive, by the time it finishes, the email that was highlighted in the Unread inbox (which was the last email I received before the client was last closed) gets marked as Read but now there’s a whole stack of new emails that push it down the list. If the client is minimized or gets pushed back behind another active window, when I pull the client up again, that email is no longer in the Unread folder and so I have no idea that I had received that email unless I go back through each individual Inbox to look for something I missed.

Before the update, emails in the Unread box would stay in the Unread box even after they were read until I closed the client. The next time I launched the client, the Unread box would clean itself out of the Read emails. Now when I flip back and forth between the mail client and other active windows, I will lose all the emails in my Unread inbox without ever seeing them because each time the client is minimized, another email gets marked as Read and dropped out of the Unread box.

The only way I can see around this is to turn off the time-out that makes the highlighted email Read and then manually mark each email as Read when I read it, but that would be a huge PitA. How can I make the Unread box hold the emails until the client is closed like it did before the update?


Version: 8.2.1237 (b402cf3)

Once email is read (in any acct Inbox) it will automatically disappear from the “Unread” folder as they are connected together and you will then be left with that Read mail (only in your Inbox). Closing and reopening eM Client won’t change the status back to Unread as its already been read in the Inbox.

You would need to disable “Mark messages as read after displaying for x seconds” to keep the status as Unread (to show in the Unread folder) when you close and reopen eM Client.

Thank you for your response. Maybe I didn’t explain my problem well enough, because that doesn’t really address my issue. I wanted a way for the Unread inbox to be handled the way it was before the update so I don’t lose mail that I haven’t read yet.

Sry the update seems to work differently now for the Unread folder.

For me personally prior to the update the unread folder worked exactly the same way as it does now. Unread mail disappears from the unread folder once it has been read in the Inbox in each account.

You will never loose mail you haven’t read as its always in your Inbox (even when read) unless you have a rule that is moving it to a specific folder outside the inbox.

It’s definitely working differently for me after the update. Now mail that I hadn’t read yet, if it was highlighted when the client was minimized, will drop out of the global Unread folder. I wouldn’t know I had received it unless I went back through each individual inbox looking for mail I hadn’t seen. I can minimize and restore the client multiple times and one by one, all the mail drops out of the global Unread folder without me having read any of it. Maybe my client wasn’t working correctly before the update and now that it’s working as intended, I have to rethink how I hold unread emails. I hate it when a program annoys me, I’ve turned off the timer that auto-marks mail as Read so I stop losing emails before they’re read. If this is how the client is intended to work, there isn’t anything else I can do.

Now mail that I hadn’t read yet, if it was highlighted when the client was minimized, will drop out of the global Unread folder

That’s how its supposed to work when you highlight an email (even if minimized) with the mark messages read after displaying for x seconds enabled. The only way to avoid that is (as you have done) with disabling the mark messages read option.

I don’t know if this has been resolved, but I know what Allyn is saying.
I have just moved across from Mailbird and when you go into a different folder, no email is highlighted and therefore it is not assumed to have been read.
In EM Client, when you go into a folder, the top email is highlighted and therefore assumed as read. If you go into the Unread folder, this can be a problem, as an unread email appears as read even if you have not and unless you remember to click unread, it is flagged as read and then too easily forgotten, especially when you receive many emails in a day.

The best I could do was to turn off the auto-read function so it wouldn’t mark mail read (even though it still does on occasion). It’s the only way I found to stop losing mail.

I think this point escaped me the first time. You said ’ when YOU highlight an email". I’m not referring to the ones I highlight. If I highlight it, I’ve seen it. The top email is automatically highlighted when the program starts and gets marked as read regardless of whether I look at it or not.

All email programs i’ve ever seen (when starting up) always default to the top of the acct inbox and auto read the latest dated email when they arrive unless you change that in their mail client settings.

So as you have already set eM Client to (not auto read email) in settings when they arrive, then you might have another mail client configured on another device like a eg: mobile or second pc etc that (is setup by default to auto read new emails) and then marks the new email as read which then syncs to your mail server and in turn then syncs to eM Client inbox and “Unread Smart folder”. So ultimately will then be removed from Unread in eM Client

I don’t have my email set up anywhere else. I did put my email on my phone a few days ago, but after the huge problem the latest Em Client update caused me, I removed it from my phone.

I was continually losing my emails in Em Client that I had not yet read. Other clients highlight emails, too, but I haven’t lost the emails like this. It started after the previous update. I had been using Em Client for several years so I know how it was acting and when it starts acting differently, I notice. Explaining to me how email clients work like I just starting using email isn’t helpful.

Thank you for your time. I’m done with this thread. If anyone can help with my other thread I that started after this latest fiasco update, I appreciate it.


Looking at your other thread tonight below, I suspect this “Unread mail disappearing issue” is also related to your other “Duplicated emails and incoming mail in the wrong Inbox”.

Hopefully another user can help you with this issue and your other thread below.

Duplicated emails and incoming mail in the wrong Inbox - eM Client

I’m thinking this is working as designed and as most people would want. When I go to unread or flagged and read or unflag them, I want them out of there. I don’t want read emails in unread. However, highlighting, perhaps starting to read an email, then going somewhere else resets the unread upon return, which screws you up given your workflow. Let me know if I misunderstand.

I think emclient expects you to work in the inbox folder or all inboxes and just use unread as a weird backup process. Sometimes something is unread because of a wrong date so it’s hard to find. Of course, the same exact problem occurs with the inbox. things get marked read if highlighted awhile and leaving and returning makes them hard to find.

When I am reading emails from my inbox, I try and go oldest to newest. When there is something important I cannot immediately deal with, I flag it. I think I use flagged emails rather like you use unread, but the flag doesn’t disappear.

Perhaps this would work better than not marking emails as read.

I can’t believe this is how it is intended to work. I launch the program. It’s going to open and do a send/receive, so I do other things while it finishes. When the program opens, the top email in the Unread folder is highlighted. It does a Send/Receive, which puts a bunch of new emails on top of that highlighted email. Now the highlighted email is marked as read. I haven’t seen it yet. Before the previous EmClient update, that now-marked-read email would still be highlighted in the Unread folder and I could scroll down to see it. After the previous update, when I pull Em Client back up to be the active window, that highlighted email drops out of the Unread folder and I never knew it was there unless I go back into the Inbox and happen to find it. When that email drops out of the Unread box, a new email is highlighted. Same thing happens, Each time I pull Em Client up to be the active window, an email that I haven’t seen is marked read and removed before I see it. I can’t believe this is how it is intended to work.

I checked my license. I paid for Em Client Pro in 2015 and I was using it for a while before I paid for the Pro version (big mistake). I know I’m old, but dementia hasn’t set in yet. I know how I used to be able to use the program and when it changes how it functions, I notice.