Duplicated emails and incoming mail in the wrong Inbox

First some background. I have two email accounts in Em Client. They are accounts for my personal website, but GMail handles the email functions. I have several other email accounts that forward their incoming emails to the primary email account in Em Client. After the last Em Client update, I had to log into GMail and give permission for EM Client to access my emails, but only for the primary email account. It didn’t ask me for the secondary account.

Since the last update, the incoming emails are duplicated, sometimes just twice, sometimes four times, and a couple of emails were duplicated 22 times. This occurs on both accounts. The other day after the update, the Refresh whirligig was almost constantly turning. It wasn’t doing that yesterday, but I was surprised to see that I had over 4200 unread emails, almost every one was duplicated and occasionally, there would be an email from '[email protected]." I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon going through the inboxes, deleting the extra emails and deleting the old emails that somehow were downloaded again. I kept getting pop-up notifications that I had new email, but when I looked in the Unread folder, they weren’t there. I think those notifications were for the old emails coming in again and so they weren’t at the top of the list, I’d have to scroll way down to find them.

I logged into GMail and deleted everything that was in the mail folders and I removed the email accounts off my phone (Android) thinking there was some weird sync thing gone crazy.

Today, I’m still getting duplicate emails, but with a couple twists. 1) If I delete one of the duplicates, a moment later, the remaining email also deletes. 2) Some of the duplicates are split between the two email accounts – one email appears in the primary inbox and its duplicate appears in the secondary inbox. 3) Occasionally, as I am viewing the Em Client screen, more duplicates start appearing into the list.

I have not tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program. Is that my only option and hope it works?

It seems whatever mail the program pulls down, it puts a duplicate in the Inbox for each email account. it also doesn’t pull down all the mail. I was waiting for a time-sensitive email yesterday and was annoying thinking the guy didn’t respond to me, but I logged into the GMail account today and found that I’d received the reply yesterday. There was also a bunch of other emails that didn’t get pulled down. I also found one email that was duplicated 112 times.

I uninstalled EM Client, saving the data folder, and downloaded it from the site. After installing it from the fresh download, it’s doing the same thing – it doesn’t pull everything down and what it does pull down, it duplicates in the Inbox for each email account.

I don’t know what to do. Does anyone have any ideas?

If everything (looks ok in your Gmail accounts online), and no duplicates etc in your online Inbox or any other online folders / labels underneath, then suggest to remove the problem Gmail account/s from eM Client and re-add them via the wizard.

You may “have had an eM Client upgrade mail database issue” that didn’t work 100%. So If that then works correctly when you re-add the account/s again, then make a backup via “Menu / Backup”.

Note:- Only remove the Gmail accounts & re-add the account in eM Client if you have an eg: IMAP account. Also when you re-add IMAP accounts all the online mail can take time to sync / cache / read again depending on how much online email you have.

Had a very similar issue recently. Re-adding one of the problematic accounts solved the problem. Cheers!