macOS easy preview / Quicklook

In other email programs on the Mac, you can easily get a preview of PDF’s and other attachments, just by selecting and pressing spacebar.
In eM Client it seems one has to Save or Open.
Quick preview using macOS builtin Quicklook would be a great addition to a great app. :nerd_face::grin:

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Here is a thread on the topic which would also be relevent for a eM Client Mac version as well as eM Client for Windows version of a "pdf preview built-in) similiar if possible to how Outlook does it. See the second part of thread.

“Preview and print attachements”

Thanks! I thought maybe opening a separate request for macOS would make sense, as the OS provides an extensive/well-working framework for this (quicklook). :slight_smile:

(And I never liked/used Outlook very much.) :sweat_smile:

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