Lots of problems with Gmail


I want to know, in eM, synchronizing All Mail folder, does it mean that all emails of Gmail in my computer are duplicates?

If you are using the default IMAP Gmail account in eM Client which “just mirrors your Gmail online account”, you won’t get any duplicates.

If you stop the initially sync after setting up the IMAP account in eM Client, it will just resume where it left off, as eM Client knows which mail headers it has already synced previously so avoids duplicates.

Note:- Having the “All Mail folder showing” in eM Client is also good to have as if you eg: accidently dragged and email into a Gmail Label and forgot where you put it, you can then go to “All Mail” and it will always show in there and “the label where the email is actually located” at the top right.

Thus my point, eMC’s forced “All Mail” is NOT scalable for large mailboxes because even with google’s paid plans, when eMC gets a bee in its bonnet and tries to resync the world (seems to happen after some connection issues, also after it crashes, you never know when it will try to do a full resync) you run into problems.

I stress, ONLY_eMC has given me these problems, clients that do normal imap syncing do not.

And, by the way, yes, google STORES all your mail in “All Mail” and uses “labels” to identify folders. HOWEVER google also presents those labels as IMAP folders if you set up IMAP access.

I have been using IMAP with google for many years. I had All Mail DISABLED in the IMAP shared folder list. Never had a problem. It was only when eMC FORCED All Mail to be unhidden in the imap folders so it could sync everything that I ran into problems with google and suspected bandwidth limits.

So don’t keep repeating the nonsense about “your provider limits you” - yes it does, and well designed mail clients seem to work just fine. So are you saying “your provider limits you” to hide the poor design of eMC? because that’s how it’s coming off. I’ve seen that repeated to several others that have mentioned similar issues, as if saying it’s Google’s fault for this limitation.

No, it isn’t. It is eMC’s fault for a poorly designed system that is unable to scale for large mailboxes.

It’s very easy, if eMC would treat Google as an imap server and sync subscribed folders like a non-google server, and give the USER the ability to toggle All Mail or not All Mail syncing, then this problem goes away. If someone has a big mailbox, disable All Mail syncing and see if the problems go away.

Give the user the power to make this choice. That’s what I would like to see.

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If you are not happy with eM Client, then suggest to use another email client.

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Sadly, the other clients I’ve tried are worse. I’m still using eMC, paid, including VIP support.

Though, tonight’s 9.2.2258 upgrade seems to have broken things, now it won’t even start.