Lots of crashing

I am experiencing a lot of crashes today. I can’t seem to figure out why but it seems to happen under different circumstance.

What are some of the errors you are experiencing?

What version of eMC are you running?

Version: 9.0.1708 (2cfb4a5)

I don’t get any errors. It just crashes and shuts down. It must have done so 8 or 9 time today.
Sometimes I’m not even interacting with it and it just shuts down. Other times opening an attachment or switching folders or while composing an email it just shuts down.

If this is on Windows 11, it is most likely the Windows 11 UI automation bug.

See: Windows 11 update

While you wait for Microsoft to release a fix, you can run eM Client in Windows 8 compatibility mode, which should bypass the UI automation.

Yes, Windows 11. I’ll give your suggestion a shot.