Lost all information on upgrade from 6 to 7


I had version 6 and was working good but I decided to upgrade to 7 since I have lifetime License.
It was a total disaster and now I am trying to get my emails and other information back.
So I made several backups using EMClient 6 backup tool. so I thought I would be fine.
I then installed EMclient 7 and it installed fine so I thought I was safe.

Now at this point the new emClient 7 opened and told me to create new email account.
I selected cancel and then went to menu to restore my backups.
This is now the issue, Nothing happened I tried every backup and nothing is imported/restored.

I checked my backup files and there is a lot of data there and the size is large so i assume my backups are safe.
But I need to get the info restored into version 7 and the restore feature does not work.

I need help!
I submitted a ticket and am waiting for a response.

Help please.
Thanks in advance

Hey guys & Gals,

Ok I got it working and this is what I tried.

After posting here I totally uninstalled emclient.
Then I went to directories and deleted them the emclient directories not the backups.
I then Reinstalled version 7 and then it asked me what I wanted to do and I clicked the import version 6 button.
After a few minutes it did its thing and most of my info is now in the new EMclient 7.

Must have had a bug when I installed over 6.
So as of right now it is working, which is good as I have my most important items and accounts back.

Hope this helps any others who may have similar issues.
Thanks for your time.

Hello Fred,
sorry to hear you experienced issues with the upgrade, the option to migrate your version 6 database should be there.
For future references or if someone else experiences this - you can also manually migrate your data after you install version 7.
Just go to Menu>File>Import…>Import from eM Client 6.



Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

I will keep your instructions for future use if I ever have to re-install or upgrade…

Thanks again.

Olivia, that did not work for me.  Lost all my contacts, an email account and all my folders.  Added lost email account and email is now downloading from January 2015 - all morning.  EVERYTIME I upgrade I have problems.  Deleted new version, tried downloading version 7.02XXXX and the new version downloaded AGAIN.  NO CONTACTS or FOLDERS.  I am NOT re-entering my contacts AGAIN.  I want them back as well as my folders.  I need them today. 10-25-16.

Hello Marie,

When you had other version before upgrade did you use in program backup feature?

If so the other method might work which is the restore from backup, but only if you used backup or had set emclient to auto backup. If it is set and it should be, you should have a backup somewhere on your system as far as I know.

Then try either the restore from backup listed in the file menu or as Olivia said the Import feature also in the file menu.

One of them should work unless you had a bug like I did where I had to uninstall and reinstall.

Hope one of them works.

Fred…thank you for your response.  I doubt I had the program backed up.  I will find that feature.

I guess that is why the restore did not work.

I uninstalled and reinstalled all 7 versions.  None had my contacts, folders or sent emails.  I finally had to go back to the last version 6 and my contacts and folders reappeared.  I had been using the mass mail feature so I know I had to have been using one of two 7 versions before the latest.  I really would like to have the mass mail feature back.  I used it frequently.  Advice?

I checked and had enable back up checked. Lat back up date:  never.  Target directory… frequency 2 weeks  preserve last: 1 backup.  Why wasn’t the system backed up if it was checked?

Thanks Olivia. The import from 6 after installing 7 worked like a charm for me. Had me worried for a minute though :wink:


Hello Marie,

As for backup maybe there was a directory and a backup location but it cleared itself when you updated.
I am not sure if there is a default backup location or not but the backup would be in a .zip format.

Do you only have 1 hard drive on your system?
If yes you could do a search for a backup file for emclient.
I am not sure what version windows you have but if uyou go to windows search and search for a file called backup*.zip  emclient backups are called backup (then date). So by searching for a file called backup*.zip the *  is a wild card so it will search your drive for all files called backup (with other text).zip files.

If you search and you find a backup file you will be good to go. If after search you find no backup file then i am out of suggestions and I would still contact support online by opening a ticket and see if they have other suggestions.

Hope one of my suggestions work.

I will look tomorrow. Thank you for all your help. It is appreciated. If I have to go back to version 6, will I lose the mass mail feature? How do you open a support ticket?


If you go to this page http://support.emclient.com/ and login you will see a button to open ticket. It will not show up until you log in.
Once there explain your problem in detail and one of their friendly people will respond.

Good Luck.

Hello everyone,

the support page you link to is available only to our PRO license users. I could not find Marie’s license info so I am not sure if she can apply for PRO support.

As for Marie - when you update are all of your data missing? Or just local?
Please be aware that eM Client 7 has a new database structure so you need to migrate/import your data from version 6.
An initial synchronization to your accounts might take a bit longer.

If you do not remove the old database files you can always access them by downgrading, if there are problems migrating to v7.

It would be very helpful to know which data exactly is not being migrated (local, specific accounts, etc.)



I lost one email account, all contacts, all folders and all sent mail.  I had a version of 7 because I was using the mass mail feature.  When I upgraded to the newest version, I lost all the things mentioned above.  I had to go back to version 6 to get my contacts, etc. back.  I need the mass mail feature, however.  Can you help me to get back to where I was - some version of 7 before the latest version?

Hello Marie,
all previous versions of eM Client are available on our website in Release history: http://www.emclient.com/release-history
Let me also mention that version 6 also has the mass mailing feature under File>Send as Mass mail.



I am on the free version of EMclient . I have helped about 5 others onto the free version too…: though  most say they now have a paid version.

I had an email from EMclient about 3/4 months ago with an offer i couldn’t refuse… So I thought I’d migrate to 7 and buy it… But I had exactly the same problem as the OP has started… The new version would not import although the directory I pointed 7 too, for import, had everything in there. After loading I had nothing. I uninstalled it immediately and fortunately Vs 6 came up with everything as it was…

I just had a call from a very worried friend who updated his Vs6 and it put on 7 with none of his inboxes!!!

I said I just uninstalled it and 6 came back on… Well it didn’t for him… Nothing at all… No client.

I just logged into his pc remotely and found the old vs of 6 on your website and installed it for him… He’s a happy bunny now as it is all working…

Can’t the New version be designed to offer to read the old data path, copy it temporarily and do the import for him… Me?

I’d really like to buy version 7… I like to keep up with the latest version of everything but this has put me in stasis :frowning:

Hello Alan,
eM Client 7 looks into the default database folder and will offer an option to migrate the data during the install.
If you forget to migrate the database, you can always import the data easily using the Menu>File>Import>Import from eM Client 6 option.
The data MUST be migrated because the database structure of eM Client 7 is very different to 6. The new database files are created in the same folder.
If you encounter any specififc errors during the setup, we’d appreciate more information, as we are having trouble replicating it.


I lost my created files with key emails in them that I need to keep track of.  Like receipts and college responses from my instructor.  ALL FILES THAT I HAD CREATED ON THE SIDE BAR ARE GONE after this update.  I did follow instructions on the “import” but it stated that there are “no files” to import.  I did ask to have the data saved in case their was a glitch and when I try to go back to the old version, it tells me I may lose my new data as in downloaded emails into this version.  I don’t want that either.  Is there any way to get my folders on the side bar back form version six?  I need my receipts and college file in particular as well as other ones I have created for a specific purpose.  Thank you.

I have the exact same problem.  Tax receipts & such that are in local folders are just gone.  Has anyone resolved this?

I did find them after I imported 6 back in, but it was in the left side where the folders are, I had to scroll down further.  It now downloads my emails twice, once under my account for 7, and once in 6.  So, on the left side bar, my account is listed about 3 times and when clicking everything, I found my files about the 3rd account name down.  I don’t think all of my receipts are there though.  I don’t know if it will help or not but just clicking on everything on that left bar to see how far they will open may help as that is how I found mine.