Localization XML file

Hi, I would like to fix a few issues in the Spanish translation.

After reading Localization Tool | eM Client seems I need an XML file. How can I get it?


The page you referenced describes how to generate the XML file.

XML files can be generated directly from binary files mailclient.exe and htmleditorcontrol.dll (stored in Program Files/eM Client) with function “File” → “Generate blank XML file from binary Folder” . You need to select a folder with eM Client"s binary files (exe and dll files). It is typically your Program Files/eM Client folder.

The localization page says:

Click on “File” → “Open” and select the xml file for translation (you can generate it by your self, but typically you receive the file from us with the most current localization). There is only one XML file for all the parts of eM Client (this was a bit different in the past).

Can you send that file?

I already tried to generate the XML from the binaries, but it is empty and I just want to fix a few entries.

I also get a lot of wrong bracket format errors in that file.

I already tried that. I just need to update few translations and I also get a lot of wrong bracket format errors in that file.

Reading localization in Dutch seems the current localization tool is not working properly.

Could you properly address this issue?