Licence v8 trial

So suddenly i only have free license for 5 more days, and em nagging about updating license when starting. How can i get my free license back?

Did you get a free license when you downloaded v8?
I upgraded by V7 free license version to v8 using the ‘check for updates’ in v7.
V8 loaded and is working fine. I went to Menu>Help> license to check my license.
It says my license is for Version 8, the number of users : 1, and license type is free (V8 trial until 8/13/2020). I have been trying to find out what happens on 8/14/2020. Does it just ‘turn off’ the non-free license capabilities in v8 and you are left with the capabilities offered under the free license? I think so. I have checked around the website and it is not clear at all what happens when the trial period is over. I don’t know if your license is showing info similar to mine. Keep us posted on what happens at the end of your trial and what you had to do to keep V8 operating in the free mode.

I just updated. I dont know how i should get a free v8 license. I have a license for version 8
1 user. License type free v8 trial until 25.07.20. Any way to stop the nag screen every time I launch em?

seems like you are going to have to deal with the annoying em nag for 5 more days. they have not sent me any annoying nags yet. based on your experience i have a couple more weeks until they show up. I know no way to get around the nag screen. Let me know what happens after your trial expires. I think you will be OK, but keep me (and other free client users) posted.

btw, what does the nag screen say? I want to write it down so i can tell my wife - who is the email user, what to expect and how to answer the nag. thanks.

Buy pro licence. eM client evaluation period will end in xday

thank you. so you just have to ignore it. Good luck. I have been finding my way through v8 and changing some settings so it looks more like v7 … big issue for me was the local folders did not show unless you click ‘more’. finally got an answer to that.

After I upgraded from V7 to V8 using a free licence, I am now told that my trial of V8 ends in 5 days. Will the licence for V7 carry over in to V8 or will I be locked out? If that is the case, looks like I shall have to look for another desktop client. I can’t deal with all of this hassle to maintain a free valid piece of software.

check your licence type in menu> help License.
I upgraded from v7 using Check for S/W updates in V7 and my license says: License for Version - 8, Number of users -1, License type - Free(V8 trial until 8/15/20). I was told by another poster that a ‘nag’ screen appears about 5 days before the trial license end date that says ‘Buy pro license. eMClient evaluation period will end in xx days’. the poster was annoyed at the ‘nag’, but just click through it. My guess is the ‘nag’ will stop after the trial end date passes and I will just have a Free license like I had with v7

Thank you Al, that is exactly what I have. I hope you are right. I’ll see what happens at the end of the week.Annotation 2020-07-20 142936

no problem. let me know if I am right or wrong.

I’m getting the nag screen. I’m now, evidently, down to four days. I never downloaded or upgraded to version 8 but that’s what it says my licence is for. I don’t want to upgrade. What happens next?

Ich habe noch 5 Tage verbleibend. Was passiert danach? Weiß das schon jemand?

Well, 24th has come and gone. Nothing seems to have changed with my access but I still have the nag screen on launch except it says trial (minus) -1 day and to buy the Pro licence. The left hand box on the nag screen to use free is greyed out. But as I say, I can’t see any difference between my ‘trial Pro version’ and what I have now. Will carry on monitoring it but I have downloaded another desktop client just in case eMclient falls apart.I suppose the irritating nag screen is something free users may now have to put up with. Will let you know. Would be interested to hear other’s experiences.

Edited to add this new pop up:-
Annotation 2020-07-25 093346 and my licence information now reads:- Annotation 2020-07-25 093505

Which is a change. I think all else seems OK as per my original version V7 but I’ll see what happens. I can’t delay send but that’s no big issue. Formatting and adding images to the body or as an attachment seems not to be a problem.

Thanks for the update Roger. You mentioned a greyed out box on the nag screen. Did you have to select “Free” during the Nagging period each time you logged into emclient?

It’s only been today that I’ve been able to check it so I’ll see what happens with a date change tomorrow 26th. When I log off and log on again now I don’t get any nags just like pre upgrade. It’s probably because the server knows I have a free licence and that is now being applied to my account. There are a few things disabled but they don’t bother me. Nothing that would make me want to switch to another client or to go Pro. The thing disabled that I had used during the trial period (just to test it) was delayed send. It doesn’t bother me too much. But all the other things like formatting, attachments, links to external sites, in-mail images are all there:-
Annotation 2020-07-25 122310

Hope that helps but I think there are no worries moving forward. Have a good day.

thanks again for your observation. I have a couple of weeks until the nagging starts.

Hello, I had the same issue with the popup (-1 days left).

Here is what worked for me:

  • Deactivate my license und Help > License.
  • Small Popup shows up (Buy license now) -> click on Close.
  • Now navigate to Help > License again and reenter the serial code
  • Activation proceeds and now it says “Free” instead of Beta.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

I think what most of us (free users) are trying to eliminate is the annoying pop-up when you start eM Client. Is the general consensus that free users will just have to see this every time them start the program?

Zack, did the nag screen go away after you reentered and reactivated your license (which changed to free) or do you still have to click through a nag screen every time you start emclient.