Just installed on windows 10 with high DPI screen icons are virtually invisible

On windows 10 i have a 2880x1800 screen resolution (native for my screen) and 200% dpi.
Fonts are displayed correctly but all icons, and the mail preview panel to the right are so small as to be invisible.

Any chance to solve the problem?

I reply myself, finally i found another post already answered about this problem, nothing to do until version 7, ok I’ll wait, in the meantime we will use the manifest file.

best regards.

hi I am having the same problem, I dont suppose you could point me to that post

This is the post i mentionedhttps://forum.emclient.com/emclient/t…Is the same solution I used in many other programs that are not compatible with high DPI screens, I was hoping to avoid it because the fonts become a bit blurry but until version 7 there is nothing to do.

I’m having the same (or a worse) problems on my laptop’s 3840 x 2160 touch screen.  With increasing numbers of laptops being built with UHD screens, this must lose eM Client more and more business as time passes. I’m having other display issues, meaning that I can’t currently upgrade to v7 at present.

Hey guys,

I can assure you we’re working hard on the release and we do take current trends into consideration - including QHD/UHD screens with their huge amount of screen real estate, which is why V7 will support these right from the start. In the meantime we ask only for your patience, V7 is coming soon.