Issues saving in email images or attachements

With any received emails (all) I am unable to save in email images/files. Right clicking and save as is not working (does when I open in other clients). If they are attached to the email saving is not an issue, but embedded images cannot be saved. 

I have even tried to 

Right-click and Save As will save the whole message as an eml file. Rather, right-click and choose Save Image As.

i am having the same issue, i cannot save any images, this worked before the latest update

Does my solution above not work?

If not, then uninstall that update and download the previous service release from the Release History.

how do we uninstall the last update as not done that before

The same way you uninstall any application; in Windows right-click on the application icon and choose Uninstall.

Choose NOT to delete the database when prompted, then all your settings and data will be there once you have installed the previous version.

Having same issue, FYI.

I can confirm that 7.2.36694 has this bug, so if you are using it, uninstall it. Then you can and download the previous version of eM Client from the Release History.

In the next release, this has been fixed. It should be posted to the site soon.

Thank you for the information!

Hang on a minute… if i try to uninstall the program and the re-install the previous release, will it retain all of my created folders, pre-formatted emails and such like? I don’t want to do this and then find out it wiped all my stuff

Yes, as I commented above “Choose NOT to delete the database when prompted, then all your settings and data will be there once you have installed the previous version.”

If in doubt, make a backup using Menu > File > Backup before you do anything.

Same problem here. I’m a designer and people send me images a lot to edit and not being able to save them is show stopper. I’ve reverted to the previous version and probably won’t be updating further. Can’t have this happening and then no IMMEDIATE fix. How can this be a confirmed issue but it’s still there? This is a big deal!

There is an IMMEDIATE fix. You can uninstall 7.2.36694, then download the previous version of eM Client from the Release History. Will take about 5 minutes, but if that is not IMMEDIATE for you, nothing will be.

It is a confirmed issue because it is reproducible. Confirmed does not mead it suddenly disappears. This is not a big issue; just spend the 5 minutes to downgrade, then it is done.

If that is not satisfactory for you, as a Pro License user you are entitled to VIP Support. So open a support ticket with eM Client rather than complaining on a community forum.

Just curious but can you read sir? Take a look at the third sentence in my reply. Pretty clear I’d say. A confirmed issue that in fact is quite a big deal such as this should result in an immediate fix and patch (also known as a hotfix if you are confused).

Please read this whole thread before you winge.

This is a confirmed issue, which means it is reproducible. The immediate fix is to downgrade so that you can continue using the application until the next release is available. It has already been fixed in that release.

Again, if you have an issue, please open a support ticket with eM Client. You have a Pro License because you are using the application for your business. That means you are entitled to VIP Support. They will give you a link for the unreleased version that has the fix.

Why would I buy a Pro license if the software is broken in a way that many of us require? How do you know it’s fixed? Do you work there? If so then shouldn’t you be asking someone to push a hotfix rather than defending a broken product on the forums? Do you even hear yourself?

Maybe you should take a step back and read everything you have written on this thread.

You would by a Pro License if you are using this application for business regardless of whether you think it is broken or not. You have already admitted publicly on this forum that you are using it for your work, which means you are violating the license agreement if you do not have a Pro License. You need to either uninstall the application, or purchase a Pro License.

I know it is fixed because I tested the unreleased version already. eM Client don’t provide hotfixes, but as a Pro License user they will give you a link to the next version.

At what point did I say I used it for work or own a business? Since I work in a water bottling plant I’d love to know how in the world I would bottle water with this? Please elaborate. I said I am a designer. I do it in my free time and spend much more money on it than I ever made which is literally zero. Lets assume more about others please. It’s refreshing.

If you are using it to provide a service, regardless of the remuneration, that is considered business. The Free License version is for personal use only.

So by that broken logic I should get a EIN number from the government, a business license from the city, file my taxes as a business each year on the state and federal levels all because I crop and edit photos and add silly text to images (for free, mind) sent to me by some of my friends and family. That’s a stretch my friend and quite a hilarious one at that. If in my original post I had replaced “I’m a designer” with “I fart around with stuff for fun” would you have been so keen to get uppity? Who am I kidding… I think I know the answer.