Is there a way to forward a meeting invite in Calendar view?

Hello Matthew,

Unfortunately not, forwarding invites is not possible in eM Client. The new attendee must be invited directly in the event.


I miss this feature too. I need to open google calendar and add a guest there!

If you are the event organizer, you can add other attendees.

It’s like someone invites you to a dinner party, and then you want to invite others. LOL! No, only the host can invite others. :slight_smile:

I use email in business. It is a common use case that I receive an invitation and I forward it to other relevant colleague. Outlook has this feature, g suite too. These are hundreds of millions users.

The etiquette still applies, doesn’t it?

My client sends me a meeting and I have to forward it to the staff who will be at the meeting. This is a real business challenge.

Agreed that this is necessary - we recently bought 60 licenses to replace our Outlook installations - I love everything else about eM Client, but had I known about this limitation it would have been a showstopper (too late now I guess). This is a feature in Outlook we use in our organization regularly. For instance, my boss receives an invite to a webinar from an external source, and would like me or others to participate. With Outlook he would just forward the invite to me, and it would be in my calendar. The thought of getting the (sometimes automated) organizer to add another invitee is ludicrous.

This is might be a deal breaker for me too. I’ve never been in a corporate situation where I have not had to forward a calendar invite. 

The more I read posts on this subject, the more I am convinced that people no longer respect proper etiquette. If you want other people to attend an event, the correct procedure is to ask the event owner to invite them, not that you just add your own guests to the guest list. :wink:

Or maybe you do?

I disagree with your point of view. This would put a burden on an organizer with something I can do myself. Would your boss be happy if you ask him to do such simple task?

Would your boss be happy if he invited you for dinner, and your invited a dozen other guests along?

Well these aren’t dinner invitations, are they? No I wouldn’t invite others to my boss’s dinner party, but these are corporate events, webinars, etc., and as I said it’s often the boss that forwards the invites that he/she would like others to participate in.

And yet that is still incorrect. If he is not the organizer of the event, he has no business inviting others. This is the function of the organizer, not an attendee. It is unfortunate that the Redmond Team introduced this misconception with their application, and now everyone thinks it is the way it is supposed to be.

Either you are an attendee or an organizer - can’t be both. Each has a specific function as far as calendaring is concerned.

Forward meeting invite can not only organizer. I want forward, not change it. It’s simple business task.

I give up. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and I don’t want this to devolve into a flame war. This is an important feature in my opinion, and is the way we operate. In an Exchange environment admins can choose whether or not to allow forwarding of invites. This not a matter of this request being “incorrect”, this is matter of choice of how we as system administrators and business owners would like to conduct our business.

Yes, in eM Client you can forward the invite as long as it is in your Inbox, or other email folder.

Yes, as I said the Redmond Team introduced this, now everyone thinks it is the way to do it.

Сould you make it an option in the Сalendar for convenience?

You can’t forward an event, only an email.