iOS: No badge count


I installed em Client on my iPhone. However there is no badge showing the number of unread emails, unless I open the app.
When I get a new email, I get a push notification from em Client, but the icon shows no badge. When I open the app, it seems to then load the email. When I close the app without having read the new email, then I get the badge.
That is very annoying. Is there something that can be done to show the badge directly?


Yes I’m experiencing the issue. I get a notification on my phone, but there’s no badge count until I open the em client app. Then it shows the email and the count is on the app. I was told by em client they are working on this. It’s been a while so I hope they can figure it out soon.

I deleted em Client today. Cannot work with an app that fails to use basic iOS features. Very disappointing, because in general the app looks great.

Yes I too also have “no badge notifications for new unread emails in the inbox” using the latest eM Client iOS mobile app V10.0.2080 and iOS 17.4.1

I only see eM Client new mail notifications “on the lock screen” & new mail “notifications appear from the top when not locked”, but no badge notifications on the eM Client icon on the iPad background or on the iPad dockbar.

I definitely have setup eM Client mob app in iOS Settings / Notifications / eM Client for badges, but none appear. Other iOS mail app notification badges do appear ok.

My iOS eM Client notifications setup example.

Yes, I have the same experience. Pop-up notifications appear on the lock screen, but not badge on the app icon.
I also checked that I have enabled notifications and badge display.
I find that the badge appears only when I open the app, which has yet to download newly received emails. And after downloading new emails to the app, I leave them unread. Then you can see a badge with a number next to the app.

I was told by em client that they were working on a repair for this issue. I’ve not heard or seen a fix as of today. I had to switch back to my old email app on my iPhone. Not having the notifications or badge numbers is a deal breaker for me. I hope they figure it out soon and I’ll be very happy to try them again.