Intuitive Rule Creation (as in Outlook)

One major need for eM Client is intuitive rule creation. I should be able to right click on an email or email address and be able to create a rule with the information automatically populating the rule to be created (per Outlook). To have to create every rule from scratch is laborious and frustrating and may be enough to make me abandon eM Clinet.

With the new major version (3.5) we introduced ability to not only move email to Junk but also to create email/domain blacklist from the email - it will create a rule in your Tools->Rules and you can modify it any way you want.

But I want the ability to direct received emails to specific folders, not junk, and certainly not email/domain blacklist. For instance, every week I get an email with a prayer for the following Sunday, When that email is received, I’d like to have a rule that automatically puts that email in the “Weekly Prayers” folder and notifies me with a pop up box or something. I know I can do that manually, but I would like to just be able to click on that email address or even subject box and create a filter with the email address and/or subject box already populated in the rule I am creating. Right now I would have to manually type the information or cut and paste. That is too time consuming.

It is indeed good idea to simplify rule creation - I will place it to our feature requests list and we will consider it to one of the future versions.

Thank you!

I see this has not made in the feature list road map.

Are we going to see this feature anytime soon. I and other friends are waiting for this feature.

As filter import from Thunderbird is not working for all rules, I squeezed my teeth and decided to recreate every rule from scratch because I really wanted to switch from Thunderbird.

But then I realised that there is no “Create rule from this message” feature. Im disappointed because emClient is not young client and it is still missing base “every day” features.

Sticking with Thunderbird for another year :frowning:

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Another rule feature I’d like to see is the ability to right click an email, either when opened, or just from the list of emails in a particular mailbox and select “Add to Rule” or some such. As it stands, I must open the email, then right click on the sender and “Copy Address”, then go to “Tools > Rules”, select the rule I want to add it to, click “Modify Rule”, Click on the “From” section, then right click and paste that address. Then save my way out before that email address is added to the rule. It would be so much easier to just right click the email without having to open it and add it to an existing rule. Is this something that can be done?

It was this same kind of clunky filter setup in Thunderbird that was the last straw that made me move to Outlook (i did not know about eM Client then). What i was using filters for was a round-about way of filing emails after i had dealt with them in my inbox. Finally i switched to an Outlook plugin (Quick File) that makes filing an email a simple 3-click matter.

Now i am looking at using filters again to work around eM Client’s lack of a quick and automatic “file it” mechanism.

I really don’t understand why an e-mail client doesn’t support simple rule handling like Outlook indeed does for heres. I almost love this program, but this is a real real flaw. Simply make a rule with a right-mouse-button-handling is a key feature to organize your mail. 

After going through all the features of eM Client, it’s obvious that it copies most of the features of Outlook and some of the features of Thunderbird. That is probably a clever thing to do if you want to capture those segments of users. But i don’t think it’s a good excuse for not going beyond the best of both and improving the whole filtering experience so it doesn’t take so much time to use.

For me this would also include adding a bit of intelligence to the “move to” feature so that it remembers the folder where you last moved something from the same sender or recipient, and also so it gives you a short list of folders to pick from (the most recently used ones), avoiding the time it takes to go through a long list of folders.

Hi Shanna, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving the “move to” feature in future releases.

Thank you for your input on this,

I have only just installed eM Client and it seems that this issue still has not been addressed. I think I need to look elswhere.

Hi Richard, sorry but this is not an issue, we do not support this way of creating Rules, you can create all your Rules in the Rules setup under Tools > Rules.

Thank you for understanding,

Well… so much for what the customer wants… Thanks for nothing…

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Hi again, I was just trying to point out a difference between an issue and a feature request, we understand that this is a missing feature for some of our users and we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases, but it is not an issue, it’s just not currently supported.

Thank you for understanding,

There is an option under “Actions” to create a meeting from a message and one to create a task from a message.  I think there used to be one for creating a rule from a message. Even tho it was clunky, it was better than trying to create a new rule now.  I agree with previous posters that this “feature request” should upgraded to be an “issue”.  At this point, that is the only problem that keeps me from thinking this is an excellent program.

Hi Peggy, Actions are not for rule creating, creating meeting or a task from the message takes the message content and creates the following, there was no intention for using these options for Rule creation, i.e. it’s not an issue. Intuitive rule creation is not supported in eM client.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul,

I think you should rename ‘issue’ to ‘bug’ or so … because a missing feature can be an ‘issue’ for an end-user, but it is no ‘bug’. Nevertheless, as above thread (and other threads) show: sometimes people will categorize missing features as ‘issues’, not as ‘feature request’.

Back to the real topic of this thread: if ‘intuitive rule creation’ is currently not supported in eM Client, then maybe it can be added to a future release?

By the way: I don’t think we should call this topic ‘intuitive rule creation’, but maybe ‘creating rules from e-mails’ or so. What for one person can be ‘intuitive’ doesn’t have to be ‘intuitive’ for another person :slight_smile:

Hi Hans, thank you for the suggestion, as posted above, we will consider adding the feature to future releases, as you can see the post has already been marked as ‘Under consideration’.