Insufficient access rights to perform the operation

Upgraded to eM Client 9 and now only one of my email accounts consistently says “Insufficient access rights to perform the operation”.

I uninstalled eM Client and deleted the AppData/Roaming/eM Client folder and reinstalled.
Set up the account again and the problem still occurrs. Tried it on 3 computers.

IMAP port 993, SMTP port 465, both SSL

Since I run the email server (MDaemon 21.5.2) I went as far and moving all my mail into another account and deleting the email account and re-creating it on the email server. Send a message to the account from gmail and I can’t delete it.

Uninstalled eM Client on two machines, installed 7 on one and 8 on the other and it works find.

What doesn’t make sense is why only this one account and none of the others?
Also I figured out that when you first set up the account on eM Client 9 it can delete emails. The problem only happens after I close eM Client and open it up again.

Any Ideas? I’m switching back to 8 for now…

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Hi Richard,
I have encountered similar issue after upgrade to 9.x
May I ask you in which folder you can’t delete emails?
I can’t delete the mails in the Sent folder only. In the others I can delete.
It only apply to IMAP accounts.

All folders. Some only have 1 email, some have thousands, it doesn’t make a difference.

I am having no issues using IMAP port 993, SMTP port 465, both SSL and deleting emails, including in the sent folder. I suspect since it doesn’t happen to all your accounts, it is probably an issue with that specific IMAP server software and how eM Client v9 communicates with it.

If eM Client version 8 works with that server without issue, and only version 9 exposes the issue, I would probably bring it up with support. If both version 8 and version 9 have the same issue, then it might be something with that specific mail server software.

I recently updated to version 9. After that I am unable to empty the Trash folder or even delete a single email therein. There were no issues with version 8. Also I run my own Linux/Postfix/Courier-IMAP email server so I have full access to server logs.

When deleting emails in Trash, there does not appear to be any access to the IMAP server. There is no error of any kind in the logs of a failed access. Other folders allow me to delete emails without problems.

It is my opinion there is a problem with eM Client that fails even before attempting to delete emails on the IMAP server.

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eM Client shows the “Insufficient access rights…” error even if computer is disconnected from network. It doesn’t communicate with mail server at all.
I think the eM Client interprets some “rights” flag from mails stored in local database bad way because it can’t delete old mails downloaded long ago as eMClient 8 too. I tried setup EWS type account in eM CLient 9 ( the same account as IMAP doesn’t work) and it can delete e-mail with no issue. It seems to be a bug in eM Client’s 9 IMAP protocol.

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I totally agree with RichQ and Vladimir_Losinsky. I manage the MDaemon server and eM Client 9 isn’t even touching the server when it says there are no access rights. Version 7 and 8 are fine, so it’s something new they introduced in 9 and probably has something to do with the sqlite database.

I tested it with the converted (8 to 9) database as well as deleting the database and starting over with a clean database. The problem still occurs.

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This issue has been solved in upcoming update. Internal version works fine.

Excellent to hear. I’ve been already checking the Release History page every morning hoping a fix was out.

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I hope this gets fixed ASAP, I can’t delete from my trash ANYTHING, regardless of email address / server. This bug is not discriminating and I am unable to downgrade. Not a happy customer here!!!

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This is getting out of hand considering how long the fix is taking. This bug is breaking the usage of emClient and the constant testing and revertig to V8 with every V9 release is seriously getting on my nerves.

Just release the version with the fix sasp.


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If you are already using version 9 on the PC, please be patient until the next release is available, where this has been fixed.

If you have a Pro License with VIP Support, please open a support ticket with us.

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I sure hope so! I would very much like to empty my trash!!!

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The last update was March 1st. I’m starting to lose my patience…

You said you had the problem solved in an internal build, so release it as a beta so I can use my mail program I paid for again.

This is ridiculous.


If you have a Pro License with VIP Support, please open a support ticket with us.

I purchased a lifetime license I think back in 2017 and 150 licenses of version 7 for work in 2018.
When all the users version 7’s offered to upgrade to version 8 some users did it and they had lots of problems with syncing public calendars. These problems caused a bad impression and the owners wouldn’t let me upgrade to 8 for the existing users or for the remaining 100 users that were still on Outlook.

Now that 9 came out I upgraded my personal license (lifetime) to 9 to test it out and try to pitch it to management for all 250 users, but I still can’t delete any mail on any of my 6 email accounts. Very frustrating and I lost my chance to upgrade the company yet again.

This is why I ranted that your Quality Assurance needs a lot of work earlier. I write software for a living and if I pushed out an update to the company ERP system and people lost a critical feature then I’d had an emergency patch out right away. If it was cosmetic it wouldn’t be a big deal.

My only solution right now is to uninstall 9 and reinstall 7 or 8 and set up all 6 email accounts again.
I’m kicking myself for upgrading my own machine and trusting a publicly released version.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way.


You are not (the only person) feeling that way.
I was also a software developer in a previous life and such bugs would be released as emergency patches within a few days of being discovered and reported (no matter by whom - be it a free user or a pro user with a support contract) if they affected the operation and basic functionlity of a system (such as this and also such as attachments being corrupted on sending). Fair enough if they are obscure (edge) types of “quirks” but basic functionality like this and the attachments debarcle are basic parts of a competent email program and, in my most humble opinion, ought to be considered critical and for immediate release. Not in a few weeks and in the meantime have a broken and unusable system. Personally (my personal opinion only but nevertheless a valid opinion) is that this new “tougher stance” on VIP support and bug fixes is doing emClient as a company no favours at all. I personally think it could prove to be quite damaging to emClient as a company.


These are BASIC email functions that are now broke after an update. Why should someone open a VIP ticket??? Fix what you broke! Why would VIP tickets get some precedence over anyone else for broken functionality that is expected to work in the most basic of email programs? I still, almost 4 weeks later, cannot delete items from my trash, and that’s BASIC!!!


I also went the VIP route … but saw no point in continuing VIP support as it wasn’t very helpful. If this issue has been fixed emClient should have released the fix to the public already. This is a lesson in craziness. I hate Outlook but I hate my email client being broken for a month or more! I have recommended and installed VIP customers on emclient since I first discovered it a few years back. How awful now I have to take the brunt when BASIC features break after an update. Why emClient, do you hate your customers so much? We paid you, our customers paid you. Now I will be rolling out Outlook once again since we need something that is fixed to BE RELEASED, and since it hasn’t been fixed in a month we need to keep operating so Outlook it is.

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This is a bug that was recently discovered and it has now been fixed.

It will be in the next public release, so please be patient until it is available.

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