Instant Mark as Read?

Any way to have instant ‘mark as read’ when selecting an email? Even with the Mark as Read option set to 0 seconds, it is very laggy actually marking it as read. I’m used to instant click/marked as read from outlook.

One thing I have noticed is emails w images (especially when set to auto display images), the mark as read timer only starts AFTER all remote images are DL’d and rendered. I highly recommend fixing this so that the timer starts on mouse click of the email and not rendering complete of the email. I LOVE eM client, but have to admit this one issue makes the whole client feel laggy and clunky in comparison to outlook which I always have set to insta-mark as read as soon as an email is selected.

Another thing to consider when thinking about the ‘Mark as Read’ timer:

Mass email platforms support ‘open timers’. A little know ‘feature’ of several of the big bulk email platforms is open timers. What they are is an image which the server starts the connection but does not complete on purpose. Then the server times that open connection and email clients close the connection attempt when the user clicks to another email. This effectively gives the marketer a time metric of how long a user viewed their email. Most have a max time on that open connection, but usually at least 20 seconds-minute. Sadly, many email marketing platforms do this. Most users never notice because the email text and remote images display quickly and most email clients don’t wait to show the email until all content is DL’d. The first marketing email I found in my inbox that use such an email system is MicroCenter (sign up for their marketing if you want to see it in action).

I bring this up as an example that will always break how you have implemented your ‘mark as read’ timer. It doesn’t start until after all email content is DL’d and rendered.

Hope this info helps in making the decision to change/fix it.

Again… Kudos on eM client as it is the first product yet that has even come to being a ‘real’ outlook replacement and I’ve tried them all. I absolutely love the idea of ditching m$ offlice bloatware, outlook for eM client… so please keep my complaint in context of loving what you are doing there! :slight_smile:

mark as read set to 0. Of my email this morning, 3/10 emails did not mark as read when clicking onto them then the next. I’m sure I’m far from the only one that uses this workflow for marking emails as read. My hands are not on the kb for using the shortcuts… just a quick click one/next email is my outlook workflow.


this function is implemented in eM Client and there are no reports on this being broken, only situation where this does not work if user has turned off “message preview” (View - layout - message panel off)

with regards

Bit frustrated that you didn’t read my posts or you would clearly understant that no that function is not implemented and there is a pretty major shortcoming in your implementation of ‘mark as read’ seconds (even set to 0)


you obviously do not understand me, if you set timer to 0 it will mark emails as read instantly.

If it doesn’t work for you then put here screenshot of your Tools - Settings - Mail - read settings.


maybe w screenshots you’ll read the thread… it has all the information about what is causing the issue (open timers, and the fact your ‘mark as read’ timer doesn’t start until after message is fully rendered)

also note that screenshot was taken at least 4-5 seconds after initial click on the email. The open timer for microcenter’s emails is around 8 seconds or longer. ‘Instant’ mark as read is exactly that… instant. It should mark as read when clicking on the email regardless if the content is even downloaded or displayed. just by the subject line most people know if they want it marked as read. It is a very common workflow to just click on and to the next email to mark as read.

eM Client will not mark as read message which is not completely downloaded. That means that message is not downloaded completely.


Many other clients like Outlook will mark the message read instantly, even if images are not downloaded yet, would be nice if it worked that way in eM.


eM Client is not designed this way, anyway it is quite weird behaviour to mark anything as read when it is not completely downloaded.

By logic you can’t read anything you do not have completely, but if anyone wants to have it marked as read he/she can do it manually.


I often read the email before it finishes downloading images, especially when those images are open-timers as the other commenter mentioned above. They artificially hold the connection open for 20-30 seconds sometimes and eM won’t mark it read during that whole time. Having to mark it manually is an option, but is annoying when I don’t have to do that on other e-mail clients.

This issue and this support conversation has been too annoying for me. Back to outlook I go. emClient has a lot of potential, too bad they don’t seem to listen to feedback to fix obvious issues and improve the product – instead they argue with their users and try to convince them it isn’t a problem.

I’m not going back to Outlook but I agree with Aaron and Michael on this. This IS a problem with some messages that take a long time to download the images. Usually this is junk mail advertising or newsletters that I’m not going to read in detail anyway. It would be a very nice improvement to just be able to click through them quickly and be done with it.

I would really like this changed also.

When you click on or open any e mail message in a new window it should be “marked as read” instantly even if its not fully downloaded because of images! This is how every other e mail clients I have used works. I have already been in contact with tech support and they said they will look into this issue and see if they can change the way “marked as read” works. I have been wanting this changed for a while now and I am glad to see I am not the only one who wants the way “Marked as read” works changed.

I also back Aaron Hollingsworth and suggest that this change is necessary and should be implemented.


I am sorry to read this but please understand that eM Client has been designed in some way and majority of users are okay and satisfied with it, so it would not be productive to rework core design itself.



best way for this is not set automatic download of picuters, or set it only for whitelisted contacts.

Or even better create better spam filter on server - eM Client only downloads what server sends to it.
But thank you for your support anyway.



I am sorry, but this behaviour is as eM client is designed, we can’t afford not to listen to majority of users and invest time into reworking feature which is working like it is designed.

thank you for your understanding.