Independent local address book and calendar

Is it possible in eM Client to have a local address book and calendar (this computer only) both of which should not synchronize to any email account.


These are Local Folder items. Go to Menu > Settings > General and make sure Show Local Folders is selected.

Then create your contacts and events in the Local Folder destination.



Thanks Gary. Sorry for being a pain. But how do I create contacts and events in Local Folder.

Supplementary question: Will the calendar also be local as a result?

And final supplementary question, can I link the local contacts with the local calendar for birthdays anniversaries etc under local Agenda?

So if the folder is listed under Local Folders, it will not sync with the server. This screenshot shows contacts but the same is true with calendars:


When you cerate an item, make sure to save it in the correct folder:


You can also drag items from other folders into the Local Folder calendar or contacts.

Yes, if the contacts have birthdays, they will be displayed in the Agenda.

I gave some instructions for enabling birthdays in another of your posts. One of the options in the Agenda settings is to choose which folders are included.

Make sure you select the appropriate Local Folders where you have saved those contacts.

Thank you for everything Gary. I do appreciate it. My Local Folders however does not show Contacts under it like yours does in your illustration. See attached.

Your screenshot show the email section of eM Client.

Click on the Calendar or Contacts section icons in the lower left of your screen:


Sorry Gary, I inadvertently sent you the incorrect screen shot. I can see now that the contacts are in the Local Folder. Best regards

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