Link birthday to calendar

How does one link birthdays in contacts to the calendar.
Does this functionality exist? Any help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks

It exists but is only visible in the Agenda side-bar.


You can access the settings by clicking on the settings cog.


Another option exists if your contacts are synced with Google Contacts. Then you will automatically get a birthdays calendar in your Google Calendar. Those events will be displayed in regular calendars in eM Client.


Many thanks Gary. Much appreciate your help

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To associate birthdays in contacts with the calendar, you need to add the person to Google Contacts and specify their date of birth. If you want to receive birthday notifications, create a recurring event for the person. You should be able to do this yourself, but if this is difficult, you can read the help on Google Calendar. For myself, I print out calendars and mark all my family’s birthdays there. So recently, I printed out the april calendar to plan my vacation with my wife. It’s so much more convenient than apps that constantly let me down.