I just downloaded the newest version of Em Client and now there is no sound when new email arrives.  I have checked the area for Notifications.  I do not see that things are marked off with a red check mark to prevent firing.  What gives with this?  I do not understand.  Is anybody else having this issue?  Wish I would not have downloaded the newest version!

Is your notification set for Windows or eM Client’s sound, check the association.


After reading your post I did some testing and it seems to be the case with me as well.  I will be looking into this.

With windows 10 notification option enabled…still no new mail sound.

Thanks for the reply Fitness.  I appreciate it.  Will someone from Em Client be checking into this situation?  I do not understand exactly how this forum works.  Again, thanks so much!

Same issue. Checked all the in-program settings and Windows settings. All seems correct, no reason it shouldn’t be working except for program glitch.

It is my understanding the free version holders do not have the ability for direct tech support.  I do believe this forum is read by the devs.
All you can do is wait for others to complain and hope a patch/fix comes out soon. 

Hi and thanks to Fitness and MRH_Milwaukee.  Are either of you paid members?   Can either of you send something to the powers that be for us?  Thanks!

I am a paid member, and when I saw the previous post, I went to the Tech Support section and submitted a ticket. Someone should be able to see it. I also noted that this discussion is taking place in the forum. It is the weekend, so I’m not sure we’ll get any help at the moment. It’s not a major issue probably, since the program otherwise seems to be working okay. But at least know that someone in Tech Support will see that there is an issue. 

Thank you MRH_Milwaukee for submitting that ticket.  I agree that because it is the weekend nothing will happen regarding this situation.  You are correct, it is not a big issue and the program seems to be working in all other areas.  I personally just find having the volume on my computer turned up with the ability to hear those piano chords indicating there is a message quite helpful.  Miss those piano chords!  Keep us posted on what action or suggestions are made to you via the ticket.  Thanks again for bird dogging this.  You are appreciated.

Same for me an there is also another forum post regarding this:

Using Windows 10 notification any sound I select for default works fine.
Only eM Client notification sound is broken.
Unfortunately the Windows 10 notification window is not able to stay on indefinitely as does eM so right now it’s a trade off.  Because I use screen saver a lot I prefer to have the notification window on and showing through the screen saver all the time rather than to have a sound for a few seconds…preferably I’d like it to be the way it was and have both.

Have the same issue, no sounds whatever i try.

Hello to each of you and thanks for replying.  I  also appreciate that this item is being talked about in another forum.  Hopefully we will get some help.  Again, thanks to each of you for replying. 

In addition to No sound problem there is no popup notification  and mark messages as read after displaying for 0 sec as well.  Full mess

Thank you for submitting that ticket. I had started another thread with this same problem. If anything gets posted on it, I’ll try to copy it over here, too!

Hi all,

Thank you for posting this problem. We received the ticket and my colleagues are testing the issue in order to find a solution for it.

I’ll try to post an update as soon as we know more.


I also heard personally from Tech Support saying that they are aware of the issue and are working on a solution.

Thank you both, Russel and MRH, for the update. Please, if you can keep us posted?

Thanks to everyone for the update. Thanks Tech Support for getting on this.  You are appreciated.