Improvement: Selection display calendar

I have only been using emClient for a short time. But what totally sucks is the selection of calendars to display.
I linked my Google account and have about 40 different calendars there. Most are self created, but also many subscribed calendars.
To display the calendars, you have to click very precisely on the button. Then you can select multiple calendars. But if you click on the name, only this calendar is displayed. The previous selection of all calendars is then disabled.
You have to carefully click on all the buttons again. On a notebook with 14" and without mouse a real experience.
Unfortunately there is also no function via the context menu (right mouse button) to show all calendars. That would be (in my case) easier to hide the not wanted ones than to show all wanted ones.
But this way the operation is a bit awkward.

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The way this works:

To choose what calendars to display in the combined preview, click the colored box to the left of the name so it is ticked. Only the ticked ones will be displayed.

If there is a folder that is not ticked, and you click on its name, that calendar folder will come into focus so only that calendar will be displayed. All the others will be unticked and won’t be displayed.

Hello Gary.

I fully agree with StefanHe.
I love eM Client I hate how the calendar selection works.

I have dozens of calendars from several email accounts.
I don’t mind having to tick and untick calendars, but it is incredibly easy to miss click and every calendar becomes unticket and there is no easy way to tick-all.

I would say the default for most people would be to have all ticked.
With a simple click error, I can disable most of the calendars and end up missing appointments and overbooking.

I would love if some simple changes could be done to improve this.