Selecting all calendars

I know this has already been reported, but without a solution. I have some 10+ calendars synced with eM and I normally want to display ALL of them simultaneously. Yet,

  1. From time to time, at switch-on, some are off. This would not be a great deal if
  2. When I click “very close but not quite on” a box, the result is that they all get unchecked. So, when I try to check them one-by-one, if I make this small mistake I have to start over again. Also, there is no way to “select all”, which would be the best solution. I read of a shift left+click solution, but this does not work for me (clicking with or without shift-left has the same effect). Thanks.
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I have this same problem. It seems a click/drag also unchecks all calendars. HIGHLY FRUSTRATING.

I was hoping a CTRL+Click on a checkbox would enable them all again. How can I enable all calendars without clicking each one on?