import opera contacts

How can I import Opera Mail contacts?

I’m not really familiar with opera Mail (I think I loaded it once a couple of years ago), but if you can export the Opera Mail contacts into a .vcf file, you can import them into eM Client.

After you export them, in eM Client go to menu/file/import and click on “Contacts as VCards (.vcf)”

If Opera doesn’t support .vcf exports, you can import .csv files in eM Client as well, but it will require some field mapping.

It only exports them as their proprietary .adr file, the same as their bookmarks (but that can be converted to html).
I tried a site that suppose to convert them to a csv file, but it only converts them to a web page in a php format (whatever that is).

I’m surprised this program doesn’t allow the conversion since Opera Mail is on many sites for the best Mail client program.

I have used Opera Classic as my almost only browser for almost 15 years with M2 as the e-mail client after it was introduced later on. I’m being forced to stop using it due to all these lame websites with their over used java script carp causing huge problems with their bloated web pages that Opera Classic (v12.18) can’t deal with.

I’m surprised this hasen’t been asked before!

A better question is why does Opera Mail only export in a proprietary format.  I actually have heard good things about Opera mail, but I decided against it because it did not support calendars.

I don’t know how popular it is, but in my 3 years on this forum, it’s the first time I have seen a reference to it in a post.

When I did a search, there was no shortage of links to convert other contacts to Opera

I did a search on opera and 5 pages returned, other than your post I found one related to importing Opera contacts (albeit a fairly quick scan).

I would of found that if the poster used the logical words for the search. eg: Opera
I also found that 12+ year old blog/article or whatever it was and the conversion from that site only produces a “php” file which is useless.

There is a handy utility over on SourceForge to convert the Opera Contacts file to csv.

But could you not connect Opera Mail to an online contact service and sync them like that? Most email providers offer either proprietary protocols like GMail, or more common ones like EWS, CardDAV etc.

That is what I just described. It doesn’t work! It converts the contacts to a page of text, saving it as a ‘php’ file (whatever that is).

You downloaded and ran the application from SourceForge?

I tried to edit that post, but for whatever reason it didn’t take. I thought that was the site that is suppose to convert the file thru the site.

That exe won’t open in Windows; not a compatible format.

Download the zip file. It works fine.…

Nice if they would of told you what is what.

Ok, I ran it, it did something, but no results. What encoding are you suppose to use or doesn’t it matter when you import it into the client?

Does it matter if contacts were created in the 1st place during setup? Also, I’m running v6 if that matters (it’s less than 1/3 the size & I didn’t need/want another so called “modern look”)

I never download the exe files from SourceForge, always the zipped ones. :slight_smile:

Bruce, I don’t know about Opera Mail, I just remember seeing this file on SourceForge and thought it would be a solution for you.

I since checked my comparison list of email clients, and apparently Opera Mail does not support EWS or CardDAV, so that is not an option. Sorry.

I have no Contacts folders setup, is that the problem?
Opera allowed adding contacts later, there was no need to do that during setup as it appears to be needed here which is a mistake.

Right-click on the word Mail above Maureen, and select Contacts.

That will add the Contacts tab.

Ok, looks as they magically appeared out of nowhere. They weren’t there just after I imported them, is there some longer time element for the process to complete??