IMAP not showing new email

New emails don’t appear in the eM Client Inbox. Even if I click “Send and Receive” the Inbox does not show the new mails that appear on my phone (also set to IMAP). The only way to get the new mails to show up is to close eM Client and re-open it – then the flood of “missing” mails show up.

I’m using eM client 6.0.19861.0, with an IMAP connection to GoDaddy. The IMAP and SMTP connections both show using “SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)” for the security policy, and port 465 for SMTP and 993 for IMAP.

Am I missing something or is this a known bug?

several users reported the same issue, it’s an issue directly connected to GoDaddy server’s, even though we’re trying to resolve this issue, our options are limited
as it is a problem on GoDaddy’s side.

We believe fix for the issue should come soon, please be patient.

Thank you for understanding,

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EMClient not downloading new mails. Restart required.

Suddenly EMClient (6.0.19861.0) is not downloading new mails from the IMAP server. When I restart, it is receiving the new mails.

+1 for this problem.

I think GoDaddy is giving up on the email service. If you go to GoDaddy now, and look at email plans they are only offering Office 365 for email accounts.


You’re right, but they have officially said they will continue to support POP/IMAP through the end of 2014 at least.

We are in dialog with the GoDaddy support. They acknowledged that they made the change that broke eM Client in order to reduce server load. They believe it is in line with the IMAP specification, which it is not, and we pointed that out to them. There’s no resolution yet unfortunately.

If this is GoDaddy’s problem, why do I have no problems with my GoDaddy account on my Mac or with Outlook? Doesn’t that point to eMClient as the issue?

I am suffering the same issues with eMClient with GoDaddy, but Outlook on my laptop and multiple android mail apps work fine receiving e-mails from the GoDaddy mail server. Crazy that my phone works better then my souped-up laptop.

There is another temporary workaround (until the problem gets fixed), besides closing and re-opening eM Client:

  • Right-click on the Inbox item (corresponding to the GoDaddy email account) on the list on the left side of eM Client (when Mail is shown)
  • A pop up menu appears. Click on Properties
  • A popup window appears, titled: Inbox - Folder Properties. Click on the Repair tab
  • In this tab there is a button labeled as Repair. Click on it, which forces a resynchronization of the eM Client cache from the server. (If there are pending actions, like sending an email, wait till they finish before Repair.)

This also shows that eM Client could fix this problem of emails not showing up, by just changing the caching policies (instead of waiting for GoDaddy to fix their protocols).

It is doing this with me for Google Mail as well. However, my domains are through GoDaddy, but Mx records redirect email services to Gmail.

I’m on the same set up, but after upgrading to 6.200025 it seems to be better.

Checking basic imap email should work regardless of what version.

Hi Karl,
can you please tell me what’s the domain you’re hosting your emails on?
If you’re using Mx records and Gmail you shouldn’t be experiencing any issues.

Thank you,

The domain host is GoDaddy. The MX records point to various other servers for various internet functions. For example handles the e-commerce for one of my domains. Another hosting service handles some of my apps. But the MX records point to Google Mail for all my various domains, regardless of what the other stuff does.

This is a new behavior on the past 2-3 weeks.

Hi, can you please turn on IMAP logging for the problematic account?
To do this go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and check IMAP under your account. Please restart the application and when you experience the issue go back to Advance Settings window and click “Send Logs”, please add my email to copy (

We’ll take a look at what’s going on,
thank you,

Am I correct that their probably won’t be any resolution to this? GoDaddy has little incentive to make a change to accommodate emClient users (I’m sure we are not in the majority and their is certainly not many posts to this form) and especially not if they are dropping email as others have pointed out. Don’t know if this is an easy fix for emClinet or not but I guessing its not as it hasn’t happened.

I hate to drop emClinet as I just found it and think its pretty great but whatever I use has to work.

I couldn’t agree more. I’ve spoken to godaddy twice now and they insist it’s not their issue. Most tech support folks there have not heard of eMClient, and I’m guessing they won’t in the future unless this issue is fixed. eMClient doesn’t seem to care about godaddy users and vice versa. How unfortunate since I really wanted to use this email client.

As I said a week ago, eM Client could implement a workaround, if it wanted. On my cell phone I use K9 mail for GoDaddy imap mail, and it just works. If K9 works with GoDaddy, eM Client could, too. I just see no willingness… and so eM client is going to lose users.

Unfortunately there’s still no “permanent” resolution to this.
I must insist on the fact that the issue is caused by GoDaddy, little to no information is the fact that we’re being told the same thing, but the truth is it’s their issue to fix.

Believe us that we care about all the users and it’s bothering us even more than it bothers you.
Anyways as I mentioned there’s still no permanent resolution, but we made a version that could temporarily fix the issue (download here:…), please note that the version has not been properly tested and it’s just a workaround for the issue, the issue still remains on GoDaddy’s site, but it might provide a fix that could help you all for now.

Thank you for understanding,