Imap functions - where?

Ok so I’, trying out eM as an alternativ to the “other” solution.
Some stuff I can’t find:

  1. where to subscribe/unsubscribe to imap folders (I have a lot of them)
  2. where is the “shared imap” folder, my imap-server supports and have some of those.
  3. …soon propably

Well, that’s it for now, hope to sove it cause i like the speed and UI but clearly miss some functionality??

Unfortunately eM Client at the moment doesn’t support IMAP subscription. It will retrieve all visible folders.

This is indeed a problem in work environment, perhaps you should raise this issue in “Ideas” as a suggestion.


  1. We plan to support IMAP subscribing in longer time horizon.
  2. It works with eM Client in lot of IMAP servers, can you please specify what IMAP server with shared imap folder do you use?

First off, thanks for the replies.

  1. Hope not to wait too long :slight_smile:
  2. We use courier-imap
  1. We are aware about this server issues and we plan to implement some workarounds in longer time horizon also.

I also would like the subscribe/unsubscribe functions

hi, is the imap folders subscription option available? or an estimated date on when this could be functional? tahnks

No, it is not implemented and unfortunately, I cannot provide you any exact time frame when it will be implemented.

I’m just trying this out from Outlook - I also would like to be able to unsuibscribe from imap folders in my case Google Mail. I have lots of imap folders but only want to see a few of them in the daily send and receive world. All of my mails are repeated in “All Mail” so I am downloading gb’s galore for nothing… :-/

I have another request too but it is off topic so off I got to another suggestion page…

I do like eM Client though and want it to do all the things I need it to right now… :slight_smile: Loving the Google Calendar functions and the speed compared to Outlook.

It is still on our todo list but unfortunately we had to focus on features with higher priority first.

Can’t belive that one of fundamental features of IMAP protocol (subscribe/unsubscribe to folders) wasn’t implemented in version 1 of eM Client not even saying abou version 5! I’m disappointed!

I am sorry but I really cannot provide you any solution at the moment.

Trying out eMClient, and like others above, I can’t believe that an email client claiming to support IMAP does not support subscribe/unsubscribe to folders. A very basic and essential IMAP feature.

A year ago an emClient rep said in this thread that subscribe/unsubscribe to folders would be supported in the future. A detailed up date on progress would be appreciated.

I will have to ask our developers but I think it should be present in the upcoming version 6.

How is the priority on this feature? We really need this feature for our company. Otherwise it will be difficult to convince our CFO to buy that many licenses …

As I wrote above - it will be implemented in the upcoming version 6 which is scheduled to be released in 2-3 months.

Would be great to see this feature. I was going to move to eM Client but won’t be until this feature is delivered.


version 6 is scheduled to be released in few weeks.


Yippie (if it’s true ;))!!! My email provided uses some strange folders for proper spam handling and all of them are visible in eM Client which is confusing… I really wish this feature was ready in version 6.


I hope that we will not disappoint you :slight_smile: