IMAP deleted emails still being retained on Server and not purged

Whilst you can delete messages in em Client for an IMAP account they are only hidden.
If one goes onto the IMAP account (ie with Outlook) you can see all the deleted messages as they have not been purged.

I fear em Client needs more work with IMAP as this is the third issue I’ve seen

This is actually issue only on servers where the IMAP UIDPLUS extension is not available, such as Microsoft Exchange. We are going to fix it for the next minor update (2.6).

Thanks for reply
We use squirrelmail so I will await the upgrade and also we maybe changing our mail system too.

Would this also be the same reason for my other problems such as not going online to get messages etc?

I found the problem also during moving mail from IMAP to IMAP folder. The mail is “moved” to target folder and in source folder it is visible still in Outlook client.

Which server/provider are you using (the address of the IMAP server would be sufficient for diagnosis)? It is probably caused by the same problem.

It is MS Exchange server.

If it is Exchange then it is definitely the same problem as with the deleting. It will be resolved in version 2.6. I will post details here for anyone wanting to get early access to the testing version once we have the issue resolved.

Will await v2.6 thanks

I also have the problem and I’m using hMailServer.

I started using em client with version 4. I do not see that this problem has been fixed. The emails I delete in em client are still in my exchange server in box. When setting up outlook there is a checkbox in the settings for ‘use cached exchange mode’ that I believe is what this problem relates to. Is there a similar setting in em client I need to check, or how do I fix this?

could you please send us your IMAP logs? Go to: Tools - Settings - Logging, check IMAP under the problematic account and restart eM Client. Try to simulate the issue and send us the logs using the same logging settings window. Thank you.

Sorry for the delayed response, I sent a reply email to a no-reply email address.
Anyway…it looks like I may have posted under the wrong heading as Tools > settings > logging, shows I’m using smtp and/or pop3. Nonetheless, I think I have figured out that issue. When deleting an email it moves it to the ‘trash’ folder. My exchange server apparently makes no differentiation between the two. Once I delete it from the ‘trash’ folder my exchange server deletes it permanently from my inbox, which I can work with that.
Is there a setting to delete items in the ‘trash’ folder automatically upon exit or every so many days?

The other issue I am having is when I send emails from em client my exchange server does not update its sent folder with those emails. How can I fix this?

Thank you,

An option allowing to automatically delete the trash folder is not currently implemented.

As regards the other issue - a POP log capturing this behaviour would help me to find a cause of the problem.

I sent the log on 9.19.12

Still working on it …

Okay. I just moved over to this client. I also use IMAP from exchange client. Exchange doesn’t purge deleted mail. The other client would purge so it wasn’t an issue.

I don’t see a purge option and I emptied my trash (but trash didn’t have these deleted items in it), and the messages are still on the server… not shown in emclient, but still showing in Exchange.

How can I have emclient issue a IMAP purge command on the mailbox? Thanks!

send us your logs please: go to menu Tools->Settings->Advanced->Logging and check “IMAP” under the problematic account. Then restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us (with reference to this topic) the logs using the same logging settings window. Thank you.

it isn’t that your software isn’t purging (actually you seem to move it to another folder–trash). The problem is that at work I use Exchange and it doesn’t have a purge option. so there is a lot of email that is marked deleted but it isn’t purged. I don’t see a purge option on your software and therefore I have to use Windows Live Mail (or something else) to clean up… Was hoping your software would handle this… any chance? Thanks.

It will be supported in the next major version 6.0