IMAP deleted emails still being retained on Server and not purged

I’m experiencing this now since the last update of emclient a few weeks ago. It was working fine previously.


can I ask you what version do you have? Is it? 5.0.18661.0 ?

also is this post to same issue you have written in another topic? If yes then please do not address one issue in more posts as it makes forum highly messed up and it will not make anything faster.

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yes after todays update to 5.0.18661.0 this seems to be fixed

well I actually have both issues.


I am sorry for dealy, do you use by any chance Google?


why my outlook mails are getting deleted if I delete them from server

because they get synchronized, you delete them from server and eM Client will synchronize it so it will delete them too.

If our do not want this behaviour you can select POP3 protocol instead of IMAP, but you will loose email status (read, unread, etc) synchronization too.