Image Quality Problems


I am having a problem with the quality of embedded images in my emails.
It seems eM Client is resizing them without keeping the image quality intact.

For example, I embed a 1200 x 628 image (the same size I use for facebook ads).
Then I resize the image manually or via Image Options (medium/large) in a composed message. Prior to sending it looks great in eM Client but once sent it appears in very poor quality.

I have no idea what the issue is as it looks great prior to sending. Its as if eM client is specifically reducing the send quality.

I have tested the same images in some email clients and Gmail without an issue.

Hope someone can help.


Never thought about that … – emClient scales the image to the size you provide with options.

<img src="the file to send" border="0" width="…" height="…" />

To avoid scaling a simple workaround might be inserting a well scaled image.

EDIT: Scaling takes place physically by sending. Before you see a scaled original.

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Yes, resizing means the image quality is lower. If the original is 1200x628 pixels, and you reduce it to 600x314 pixels, it has only 25% of the original pixels, so the quality is definitely going to be lower. And this take place when you click Send as @NoSi1 said.

This is different to embedding an image and changing the HTML to display the image at a different size, rather than reducing the actual embedded image size.

e.g. style=“width:600px;height:314px;” This does not reduce the image quality, just the way it is displayed. (different syntax to @NoSi1 but same result,I think)

I tested the following:

  1. Placed an image in an email (embedded in “formatted” content)
  2. Changed the size (still looked good)
  3. Send it to myself

Result scaled

All images 1:1 screenshots made with Snagit!


(1) The original paste
(2) The scaled embedded version before sending
(3) The received image: Transfer mistake, ~25% greater display
(4) The received image copied into clipboard and pasted into Snagit: exactly the scaled dimension, recognisably inferior quality

To me it does not seem as if I can modify an embedded image without distortion and quality loss.

Result unscaled

Even an unmodified but embedded image is not transferred in it’s original quality:


(A) Original image embedded
(B) Received image: Transfer mistake, ~25% greater display
© Received image copied to clipboard and pasted into Snagit: correct dimensions, recognisably inferior quality

Test conditions: Win10prox64, emClient 8.0.2646 (522f642) Display size 3840x2160, scaling 100%


If I want a quality save transfer of images with emClient I have to send them as attachment.

NoSi1, thanks for the detailed analysis.
That was my experience too.

I was intending to use eM Client for personal and business use since I liked it so much but this image issue means its not usable for business anymore. The business relies on embedded graphics/ads/tables and placing them as attachments is simply not possible, ugly and will lose me money.

For example, on the charts I used you cant even see the product prices or backdrops clearly. In all other email clients it was fine.

Is there some work around to this? or a possibility for the developers to fix it?
I would rather not switch clients as I do like everything else about it.


What happens if you change your settings to insert at original size, disable the automatically resize option, and then paste in the image? Otherwise, by default, it is inserting the image at a reduced quality to begin with, isn’t it?

just tried that thanks. Did not work however.
I just got Mailbird and its working perfectly there. I am still hoping for a solution with eM Client though before shifting the business over.

The strange thing is that I am not able to reproduce this.

With the default settings, I inserted an image into a new message using right-click > Insert > Image. Because the image was resized automatically to fit (default action), I then right-clicked on the image in the compose window and chose Image > Original.

I sent the message.

When I received the message I saved the embedded image to my computer, and both the received image and the original on my hard disk are identical.

Hm – I never came to the conclusion to use emClient for something like that. It is an “information tool”. Ads are typically sent by specialized tools (or own coded tools as I use). And I never expect, that an email is shown as created at the receiver’s end, because HTML e-mails are interpreted very differently in different e-mail programs…

Just the same – it is a “default preset” that is applied by default but uses the same process.

As you can read in my “picture contribution” further above in the commentary, you can clearly see in my pictures (4 or A) that they have the same dimensions, but a worse quality. Your screenshots confirm this. It is exciting to compare the representation of the picture before and after…

Hi Gary,

If I understand correctly, your last action was to convert the image to “original”, if you do that then yes it will be identical as its using the original sizing. This however keeps the image size massive in the receivers inbox.

The idea is to place an “original” image then resize it to a smaller version while keeping the quality identical (just visually smaller in the receivers inbox).


No, not convert. eM Client converts it to a smaller size dependent on your settings. I am just keeping the original.

As I already said, resizing the image means it reduces the pixels. It could never have the same quality after resizing. But if you want to reduce the size of the message, you would need some dedicated image software to work out the best ratio of reducing pixels while keeping the visible quality. I honestly don’t think that is in the purview of an email application.

No I can’t. They all look the same to me. You will need to save them as image files and compare their properties to see if there is any difference because the eye is an extremely unreliable measure.

Hi Gary,

Yes, resizing the image in Mailbird reduces the pixels but thats what I was trying to avoid.

Placing an image in debird & gmail for example (which i just tested again) allows us to resize (maybe its the wrong term technically) the image yet keep the image quality identical. Once the receiver gets the image it just looks visually smaller with the exact same quality (pixels remain the same) - you can then click the small image and the original dimension pops up.

It seems eM client is automatically resizing images while the other email clients are simply “visiually” making them appear smaller without resizing pixels.

Yes, eM Client resizes the original image.

I appologize for disagreeing but the only thing that counts is the representation of an image before and after for further processing and display at the receiver’s end. To make it obvious I zoomed in. As you can easily see, the images differ considerably in quality:

Sorry, they all look the same. I am on my phone at the moment and the screen is only 5.1 inches. :wink:

true on a phone it will be much harder to distinguish haha.
On a desktop there is a significant difference.

How come other email clients don’t have the same issue?
They dont resize images and instead use html code to visually appear smaller withour resizing?

It is not an issue. eM Client just does things differently.

I think it is a question of expectation and target.

From @JimB’s point of view an embedded image should be transferred as it is pasted.

From emclients (and my) point of view an embedded image should be transfered optimized to save bandwidth. Reducing size of images is a standard on any websites and a neat feature of emClient.

Possibly there are two things development may think about:

  1. Allow an adjustment of compression for images. In my case I would prefer stronger compression @JimB would like to set it to “as is”. There should be an entry in settings (→ default) and – to implement it as good as possible – a override function in properties of each image.
  2. Undocumented features should be avoided as good as possible. If there is a modification of embedded images (which is undoubtedly the case) this should be mentions somewhere. This prevents users of irritation and/or saves time for acquiring the full potential of emClient.

I personally use the (Paste as original) for any resolution images all the time in EM V7 & V8 Beta & the images always seem to look the same resolution / quality to me in the sent box.

If I then want to scale the image in the email body for Windows, I hold the “Shift” key and scale the image via any corners so the image always then stays in proportion.

Embed as original