[Idea]Option to colour code folders

Hi- will be nice to have the ability to assign a colour to the folder (via right click on it and select from colour palette) - that will help to spot the folders pretty swiftly mainly when you have lots of folders/labels in your Gmail.

@Gary is there a way you can tag this thread of mine from Mail to Feature Request now? As you know the later option was not available when I created this post.

You can do it since you created this thread. Edit the original post and change the category.

hmm, I tried that before writing to you, don’t seem to find the edit option :man_shrugging:

You should see an edit icon next to the title of your original post.

Clicking on the edit icon should give you options like this:

Or maybe just create a new one, and I will ask a moderator to delete this thread on Monday.

Probably better that way now we have all these other comments.

Not having the pencil edit option against my post, so created a new one under ‘Feature Request’ category, will create some more for those I had to prefix as Idea under Mail category earlier. Thanks mate.