Sort the deleted mails by date of deletion?

Hiya, is there a way to sort the deleted mails by deletion date in emclient?
I am conscious Gmail webapp does not provide this much needed feature (, so wanted to confirm if emclient comes with this option. Thanks.

As far as I know that is not possible in eM Client.

If you are like me, eM Client empties the Trash on exit, so it is normally only those I deleted today that are in the Trash. Maybe 2 days maximum if I suspend rather than powering off Windows. :wink:

Okay :slight_smile:
Can my topic be taken forward as a feature request for eM Client?

Create a new post on this forum, but instead of a Question , make it an Idea. The theory is that other users can vote, and popular ideas will be considered.

got it

Please vote my idea if you liked it :slight_smile:

Done. :wink:

Thanks mate :slight_smile: Appreciate that.

Hi Gary- trust you are doing well mate, just now created this new topic

I did not get any option to select the conversation type as Idea so just prefixed the title :slight_smile:

I guess some things were lost when the forum moved from Getsatisfaction to Discourse.

I mentioned this to @Russel_Markosky during the week, and he said he would look into it after the release of version 8.

Ah okay, I see. Thanks for your response mate.