I need to have a default BCC on all out going emails. How can I do this?

We use to use Thunderbird and now we are moving forward. Came across this program and really like the UI. Seems to handle all but two things we are looking for in a email program. First, have to have a default BCC on all out going emails and secondly, how does one backup the stored emails, addresses, settings and restore when a system goes down? Thanks in advance!

HI, default bcc is not supported in eM Client and for backup you can use File - Backup… tool.


I am new to eM Client and this is the only feature keeping me from switching from Thunderbird. Seems like a fairly easy feature to add. Is there a way to make feature requests and track them other then via this forum?

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we appreciate the input, however the feature was still not implemented into the application and currently is not planned, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

I really like eM Client, but lack of an automatic BCC is of such importance to keeping accounts on different machines (somewhat) in sync, it may be a deal breaker. 
Is there a work-around? In Outlook, I set it up to send a CC instead. Is there anything comparable? Is there a way to make it send an automatic anything that I might redirect to me?

Hi Stan, unfortunately there’s no workaround at the moment not even automatic cc is possible at the moment.
I’m sorry if this is a really important feature to you, I hope you can manage to use the current setting, until we’re able to implement this feature.

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I am also new to eM Client and i need this feature necessarily too. At the time I still use outlook, but that I am no longer satisfied.

Is this feature (default BCC for each account seperately) planned for the future?
I would really like to change. eM Client is for me the best alternative.

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I’ll add my vote to this. It would be a tremendous help to syncing eM Client with my smart phone. I have that capability on my phone with K-9 mail, and I have a CC capability with Outlook (it won’t do a BCC), so any email I write on one automatically shows up on the other, which makes them (almost) in sync. But I would like to move to eM Client, and would do so in a heartbeat if it could make this small change.

Hi, yes we are considering this feature for future releases however no date has been set yet.

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Hi Paul,

that’s great.

Calendar and contacts I have already converted, sync via CalDAV and CardDAV is excellent. The mail accounts then follow once this feature is available.

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Hi Stan, you could use IMAP on your computer and on your smartphone, then all your emails should be synchronized automatically and you should see the exact same computer on your phone as well as on your computer and other devices using this Protocol.

Thank you, hope this helps,

I too am putting in my vote for default bcc on each outgoing message.  It would be so very helpful.  Thanks!


C’mon, this is a critical feature!  Please add me to the list.

I too must have this feature. At this time I am using Outlook for sending to auto bcc and eM Client to receive e-mail… not ideal…

It’s such a shame - this is a dead simple feature to add.  There’s no justifiable reason beyond contempt for POP3 users not to include it in the software.

Yes, it’s really a shame. This post is already a year old and absolutely nothing happens. The initial enthusiasm is done. I’m seriously considering to switch again according to a different mail client.


FWIW, I have also dropped eM Client due to their apathy over this issue.

A new version of eM Client has been released and still no Auto BCC feature? It is such a simple feature to implement, I can’t believe that it is still not implemented. Sad.

The feature will be included in an upcoming new release of eM Client not an update to the current release, stay tuned and follow the latest information about new feature on our facebook or twitter.


Great. This is the only (critical) feature I could not find moving from Thunderbird.